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Dear friends!

I have invited a few guests to my Bluemusicblog today. Further down you will meet a very interesting Swiss editor from LeTemps, Geneva, in a video interview. And these two guys I met at the airport in Detroit. If you are old enough, the Blues Brothers belonged to the funniest parts of your young days!

I love the vitality of those not-so-perfect male bodies. The beauty comes from the inside, as well as the energy!

I am not going to overstretch myself and I am not going to promise to deliver bi weekly posts on my blog, but for the beginning I want to add  more stuff to the blog and at least complete my long travel over three continents.

Naperville, Chicago, we stayed at our great friends Martha and Jerry Prado Shaw and enjoyed meeting Bonnie Mayrs from New York to discuss the future strategies for working with YMCA retirees all over the world.

These guys are probably retired now, and never belonged to the International Group of the YMCA of the USA, where I met Tom Valentine and his crew of excellent YMCA professionals. They all belong to my closest friends after many years of fantastic cooperation. I was again impressed with the great rebranding of the YMCA of the USA and the office certainly gave a completely new and fresh impression. We went deep into the NEW WAY strategy together and had a most enriching time together. Even Dr. Park of the APAY joined us for a few hours.

Dr Pamela Davies, President of the Queens University of Charlotte, offered me the honor of giving the commencement speech at her University. More than 2000 people in the beautiful park  gathered to celebrate the achievements of their children and relatives and friends. A great moment and I am deeply grateful to Pamela and her colleagues at Queens.I was also deeply honored to receive an Honorary Doctorate from Queens University of Charlotte.

That university sends their students all over the world to participate in community service programmes and that is an integral part of their studies. I really was impressed with a modern university with the great slogan: “Not to be served, but to serve!” (

After a weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina including very friendly meetings with staff and volunteers at Charlotte YMCA, we were ready to take off for Africa, via Paris. Before I take you to Africa, please meet my new friend, Michel Danthe of Lausanne and Geneva:

We at NEW WAY are considering our future in social media,using a quotation from Dr Martin Luther King: If you cannot fly, run, if you cannot run, walk, if you cannot walk, crawl, but always move forward! While we decide if we are to crawl, walk, run or fly, these two guys are tired of playing and singing the blues and need to rest for a while. Have a good weekend!

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  1. Johan Vilhelm, my warmest congratulations to your honorary doctorate!

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