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I have been going for 16 weeks with one post per week, but last week I could not manage, life was too busy. Today I got a two hour opening, a bit to my surprise, and I can post another one, but still last week is gone, Nothing to do about that.

I traveled to Kassel, Germany, for a meeting with the YMCA University Coalition and to see the new International YMCA University in Kassel. They are building a bachelor programme for the international YMCA, on leadership, human development and cross cultural understanding. I shall come back to that study in a later post.

When in Kassel, I realized that I could celebrate 25 years anniversary of the beginning of my international work, it started exactly where the meeting took place. I stayed in the dormitory of the university in September 1986, as one of four leaders for the Ten Sing Norwegen Project, that was a project group of 50 young Norwegians from the Ten Sing movement, and we were to start Ten Sing work in the German YMCA. We made around 50 evening concerts, 35 weekend seminars and hundreds of school concerts during that year. And it was a success, the Ten Sing movement is still growing in Germany and we had a fantastic year, traveling all over the country.

After Germany I traveled to Manchester to meet with English YMCA and to participate in the last meeting of the Russian Field Group, this group is a support group for YMCA in Russia consisting of a cluster of national YMCAs from around Europe and USA.

In between these travels I had Carlos from Nairobi and Jose from Hong Kong, part time staff, coming in and we had intensive staff meetings in Geneva, developing concepts for Youth Empowerment, the new Branding process, ideas for the World Council in 2014 and attempts to merge Global Citizenship Education with the S2C programme from Africa (From Subject To Citizen). Interesting work, enthusiastic debates and very constructive processes. I shall give you a presentation of the new model for Youth Empowerment in Action in a later post. It is, in my opinion, a very interesting change model, which will lead to what we call “The March of the 5 Million”. More about that later.

I am writing these words from San Francisco where I have been since last Friday. The time difference is 9 hours, so that gives me very early mornings and makes me tired and sleepy early evening.

And that leads me to the title of this post, the Golden Gate Bridge. This post is a bridge to take me through this week and give you some more content next week.

It is a fascinating experience to walk over the Golden Gate Bridge and look down at the Rock, Alcatraz, the prison which has now been turned into a museum. I was there, and it is a creepy feeling, I can tell you!


  1. Thank you. You are very inspiring!

    • Thank you, Rosanna, it was so nice to speak with you this morning here in San Francisco!

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