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L’Escalade, or Fête de l’Escalade (from escalade, the act of scaling defensive walls) is an annual festival held in December in Geneva, Switzerland, celebrating the defeat of the surprise attack by troops sent by Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy during the night of 11–12 December 1602. The celebrations and other commemorative activities are usually held on 12 December or the closest weekend.According to Genevois legend, Catherine Cheynel, originally from Lyons and the wife of Pierre Royaume, (“Mère Royaume”), a mother of 14 children, seized a large cauldron of hot soup and poured it on the attackers. The Royaume family lived just above the La Monnaie town gate. The heavy cauldron of boiling soup landed on the head of a Savoyard attacker, killing him. The commotion that this caused also helped to rouse the townsfolk to defend the city.(Wikipedia)

This is the background for the following photos from the John R. Mott House in Geneva, where three women of the World Alliance try to pretend they are very angry and copying how the women of Geneva defended the city with hot soup!

From here it develops into smashing a chocolate casserole, a task performed by the youngest person in the office. In our case this is Selma, here surrounded by Jacqueline and Suzanne, in the act of smashing the chocolate.

Around the time for Fete de l’escalade we also had pleasant visitors from Russia, the National General Secretary of Russian YMCA, Nikolay Kurochkin and his wife Irina.

A swan was swimming on the golden surface of the lake and made the afternoon magic.

The moon was rolling down the side of the hill, jumping from treetop to treetop,

while an owl was preparing for the night.

Such a beautiful December afternoon daylight slowly turns into late afternoon shades…

and slowly the evening is taking over…

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