Posted by: thebluemusicblog | June 26, 2012


Dear friends,

My good friend and webmaster, Claude-Alain, suggested that I put this videomessage, which we produced for the triennial meeting of the YMCA in India, on my blog.  They were 1300 voting delegates, so a big meeting of a big YMCA.

Ingunn and I are just back from Sweden where we celebrated Midsummer together with our good friends Jan and Monica. So here you can see how the Swedes dance around the Maypole. The name has nothing to do with the month of May, it has to do with the word Maja, which means decorate, make beautiful.

We enjoyed the Midsummer a lot, and recommend to all to try to visit Sweden towards the end of June each year. I had problems to upload photos this afternoon, so you have to wait a few days before you can see the Swedish joy at midsummer.

Now, if you have a good broadband and a strong enough interest, you can watch me talk for ten minutes about the NEW WAY and the Sleeping Giant.

Before I close, a very special thank you to a good old friend, Martin Vogler, President of the World Alliance of YMCAs 1998-2002. Martin helped us to apply for 25 000 Swiss Francs, which we got yesterday. Wonderful!

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