Posted by: thebluemusicblog | August 30, 2012


Late August nights, deep warmth, dark blue colors, atmosphere, satisfaction, peace, without any competition from spring or winter, dreams, memories of 16th century smugglers, pirates, tall ships with full sails, blue nights full of dreams and memories, a soft passing by of a colorful past. Like a waving hand saluting us from centuries back.. Late summer. Blue August.

Sunset in warm sea. Lazy evenings. Relaxed mood. A touch of grey all of a sudden. The sea and the sky become one big, grey wave, you do not see where the sea ends and the sky takes over. It is just a big, grey summer landscape of water and wind, wind and water…..late summer.

It is like the wind and the sea are whispering, talking  to  mother nature, asking her to prepare for winter, put her blankets on, be ready for the autumn storms.

But the flowers are still blooming,

….the heather is filling the late summer evenings with the smell of honey and painting the landscape lilac.

Late summer sunset. Just sitting on a beach watching some old fishermen’s huts being painted black by the golden sun, as the sun is playing with summer clouds dancing on its color palette.

Late summer. Watching over the deep sea. Seeing lights in the horizon. Imagining a late night dinner party out there on the deep seas, far away, hearing the dump sounds of an engine in the distance, an engine turning the propellers around and pushing the ship forward, away from you, distant drums of a late night party disappearing on the edge of the dark horizon. Late summer. Blue August.

Late summer. Blue August nights. Deep thoughts. Far reaching visions and dreams. The evening ocean breeze is caressing a relaxed mind. The thoughts are sent forward, into the near future. Thoughts full of energy. Thoughts full of future. It was Bill Clinton who said in his speech to the party convention back in 1992: “I still believe in a place called hope!”

There is work to be done! Fields to plow. Corn to be harvested. Dreams to be materialized. Late summer is good. Blue August is beautiful. The farewell to summer comes in the shape of a deeply satisfied smile, a grateful afterthought, a peaceful summer breeze full of deep colors and smell of honey sweet heather. Like the last deep colors of the autumn rose. It is welcome to hope, vision, hard work and exciting future. I very much believe in a place called hope!


  1. Vilka fantastiskt fina bilder och många goda tankar.

  2. Lieber Freund,
    Danke für die guten Gedanken und Bilder !
    Heute füge ich hinzu: Die Sonne scheint, auch wenn man/frau sie nicht sieht, denn es regnet nur einmal, nämlich andauernd!!
    Gruss, auch an die Frau Gemahlin,

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