Posted by: thebluemusicblog | November 26, 2012


Winter atmosphere in Yaroslavl, North Russia. The first snow is welcoming us. It is very cold. The lights from the churches share some warmth and creates an incredible atmosphere.


Inside the churches beautiful paintings, impressive Ikonostas, a choir singing beautifully, mystically, filling the room with heavenly music. Smell from the candles, smoke curling up towards the colorful ceiling.


And here a snapshot of the new YMCA camp outside the city of Yaroslavl, the first two buildings are almost finished, a fantastic location overlooking the mighty Volga river.



And here below the staff of the Russian National YMCA:


Then over to Denmark and the General Assembly of Danish YMCA-YWCA. I have never visited such a young National YMCA Assembly! I was speaking to them about Increased visibility and influence in the world, about Change Agents and Youth Empowerment, and the feedback was great. I am really excited to see how Denmark can help us to play a more youthful role. I hope for a big and young Danish delegation to the World Council in 2014. Great hospitality in my dear neighbor country, Kirsten Lund Larsen, the National NGS is at the airport to pick me up and we take the train to Nyborg Strand, a famous place for the World Alliance, as we had our World Council there in 1986. And on the train we have time to catch up on old memories and future plans and Kirsten tells me a lot about the present developments in the Danish Movement. It is exciting and I enjoy it very much.


Here follows a series of Tweets from the two days in Denmark, just as an experiment!

“On a plane to Copenhagen – why are everybody trying to share their flues and colds with me? I will try to tolerate it.”

“Opening of General Assembly Danish YMCA-YWCA in Nyborg Strand, famous location for World Council in 1986 (?). 312 delegates, most very young.”



“Pillow war at Danish YMCA-YWCA meeting, reflecting the changing needs of the young delegates :-)” 




“Discussion about cooperation with FDF, another youth organization in Denmark. Shared administration and office?”  “Delegates express opinions via SMS, voting by cell phones, texts shown on screen for all to read. Now report from National Board.”  “Gen. Secr. S.Suyambu from Madurai YMCA in India and two if his people are here. Impressive development work supported by Y Denmark.”



“Coffee and small mint sweets, a surprisingly tasty combination and helpful to take us well through the finances of previous years.”

“After two hours quite good church satire and lots of laughing, now debate between candidates for new national board. Looking for mint sweets.”

“Grey morning in Denmark. Blue morning in Denmark. A big hall packed full of young energy, extremely positive, very young. I am impressed!”

“I am soon going to speak to them about relevant YMCAs. I am going to start with the BLUE MUSIC. The music of change, courage and smiles!”


“This was my opening of the speech – to ask all under 30 years to stand up and take a photo of this amazing assembly! ”




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