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Today was even warmer than yesterday. 34 degrees and no mercy. Tomorrow the weather forecast says rain storm as a result of all this warm weather. I sincerely hope it goes mildly over the Festival opening tomorrow night! The rest of the week is said to be warm, sunny and dry.IMG_2567

This is the YMCA building in Prague, where also YMCA Europe has its offices. See how lively it is with open windows and lots of people in the restaurant, they are renting space in the YMCA building. The building is from 1921, and the father of Vaclav Havel, the former President of Czech Republic, was a founding member of the YMCA.

IMG_2568Detail from the lively YMCA Palac in Prague, once one of the largest buildings in Central Europe with the first indoor swimming pool and in door running track. It also has an antique elevator, which never stops, it goes on and on and you just have to make sure you jump off at the right floor. What happens when the lift reaches the basement and  the attic is a hidden mystery. Czech YMCA wanted to get rid of it, but was forced to renovate it, which was quite costly. But protected as a time machine from the 20s.

IMG_2571I have a working day with Bob Tobin, our esteemed consultant from Grand Rapids and a great friend of mine. So after having discussed the programme for the Change Agent Training next week in some details over a glass of home made ice tea, made by a Czech friend of mine, Lucas, we walk through the old town of Prague and I am happy to show Bob some of the key touristic spots including Old Town Square, as we can see above.

IMG_2570Here we visit the famous clock on the wall of the City Hall on the Old Town Square. It was only a few minutes to 2 o’clock, so we decided to wait it out in the hot sun together with hundreds of other enthusiastic tourists, until the twelve apostles showed their faces through the open doors exactly on the full hour, a skeleton, looking like the devil, is banging on the clock to disturb the apostles, and as a closure to this magnificent ritual, a young man is playing the trumpet at the top of the tower. All doors in the clock is shut, and the show is over. Short, but stylish!

IMG_2572Apostles, half turned away from us, a shy version of the holy twelve. A symbol of humility, maybe, or just modesty. We walk on to the famous Charles’ Bridge where we can see the Cathedral and the Presidents Palace, the Castle. Over the President’s Palace in the last months of Havel’s regime, there was a huge plastic heart of clear, red color to symbolize his reign of love and light. As much as I loved President Havel, I disliked this strange appearance of red plastic. Big and not stylish.


We are still on the Charle’s Bridge and enjoying the beautiful sight of Mala Strana, and I point out places of importance for Bob, among them the location of Misenska Street number 8, where I resided for some years of my life.

IMG_2573And what is it we see coming in over the roof of the President’s Palace? Is it a plastic heart? No, it is a balloon and it is white, not red. It has nothing to do with anything, but since it is a good motive, I add it to my blog post from Prague.


Having walked for a good hour and seen so many interesting and fascinating things on our way through the city, we are warm, hungry and tired and we decide it is a long time since breakfast and go to a suitable location close to the river to enjoy a well deserved lunch. The happy smile on Bob Tobin’s face is a confirmation for me that this was the right time to put in a food break. The lunch goes on for a while, after all it is a Saturday.

IMG_2576While we wait for our delicious food to be prepared at the river side, we enjoy the lively traffic on the river where happy tourists are enjoying life on the seven seas and waving to us.

IMG_2578But not have we found a place in the shadow before we start talking shop again, we always do. I enjoy sharing some crazy ideas with Bob and have his common sense and professionalism added to my craziness. So often we agree and find common territory. It was a very enjoyable day, not the least the couple of hours we spent very close to the Charle’s Bridge, of which I share a close up below.


And as I print a second shot of Bob at the river the challenge is to tell me what is different on the two photos. A kilo of Grapefruit will be yours if you deduct it and can come to Prague to give me the answer as the first one. Only one kilo of Grapefruit will be available! Meanwhile I send special greetings to Michal, who is resting on the other side of the river and is too tired to join us for a visit to Reduta Jazz club, the place where President Havel took President Clinton, and Bill played the saxophone, many years ago now.

We are all becoming well prepared for the challenges of the coming week, and I will keep you posted on the developments here in Prague as more and more people are joining us for the Festival.











  1. Answer for the kg of grapefruit.The sunshade is new on picture 2 of Bob. Primo Bursik

    > Message du 03/08/13 18:39 > De : “Blue Music Blog” > A : > Copie à : > Objet : [New post] RUNNING UP TO PRAGUE FESTIVAL > > thebluemusicblog posted: “Today was even warmer than yesterday. 34 degrees and no mercy. Tomorrow the weather forecast says rain storm as a result of all this warm weather. I sincerely hope it goes mildly over the Festival opening tomorrow night! The rest of the week is said to be”

    • Thanks for the answer! It is correct, but unfortunately you were only number two, so the fruit has gone.

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