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Samy Nashed is the leader of YMCA in Egypt. His voice is sad, he sounds terribly tired. He is responsible for 26 local YMCAs in a big country. He walks to the office every day. I know the way, I know the building, Samy and I walked there together in happier days. It is a beautiful YMCA building, a bit of the old school. Nice architecture, a hostel with space for many young people, offices, meeting rooms, activity rooms. A cafeteria, a watchman at the gate. And Samy normally with a great smile and his mobile phone in his hand. That man has not ten minutes without a phone call.

Now he is tired and sad. He is calling the 26 local YMCAs every day. He walks different roads to the office, and it is not easy to find a way, because roads are closing down and there are all kinds of disturbances. But he gets to the office every day. And start calling around.

We had a long conversation tonight again. He asks me to say thank you to all the friends around the world for their thoughts and prayers.

He also tells me that at least 4 YMCAs have been under attack, the one in Menia in Upper Egypt is burnt out, another one is damaged and two other seems to have been rescued. Young YMCA people are trying to protect their buildings and put out fires.

Samy is warning them against getting involved in fights, and so far there is no information that any YMCA people have been hurt. But Samy is not able to go to the local YMCAs, trains are not working, cars are stopped and there is no way to travel.

All YMCAs are closed and Samy has appealed to the authorities to protect the YMCA buildings, but they are busy protecting government buildings and have no capacity to look after any other buildings.

Phone Call – August 14

I just spoke (August 14 at night)  with Samy Armia Nashed, General Secretary in Egypt YMCA in Kairo. Menia YMCA in upper Egypt was burnt today by a Molotove Grenade, but staff and volunteers are good, nobody hurt there.

YMCA in Kairo was closed today and most of the other YMCAs in Egypt, and so far all staff and volunteers are safe and unhurt.

Samy told me that 18 churches were burnt today, and he asked me to share his greetings with all YMCA friends around the world and ask all of you to pray for YMCA in Egypt and for the people of Egypt.

In times like these it is important to know that there are friends all around the globe and that we are close to our brothers and sisters in Egypt tonight and in the days to come.

A few days ago I met with the Egyptian participants at the YMCA Festival in Prague and I met people I was with at a youth training in Alexandria two years ago. Let us keep them in our thoughts and prayers tonight!


  1. Dear Johan,
    Thanks for the news about Egipt. All of us are very worried about the situation we are following on TV.
    Today is a holiday in Chile, but tomorrow I´ll tell the CEO we could organize a special ecumenical meeting for praying for the people in Egypt, for Crhistians and for the YMCAs there.
    Receive warm greetings and blessings from a Chilean friend.

    • Thank you, Alejandra, and many greetings back to all! Johan

  2. May God protect the people of Egypt in general and YMCA’s staff and volunteers in particular. YMCA of Ethiopia pray for you at this very difficult time.

  3. Y’s Retired of UK send their prayers to all YMCA staff in Egypt and ask God to keep them and their families safe from harm
    David H Smith

    • Thanks to all of you from Samy and his people!

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