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Hyderabad is one of the bigger cities in India, and impressive monumental buildings like the gate below are highlights of Indian architecture. Traffic was huge, and the plane from Visakhaptnam landed in the middle of rush hours, so the transport to the city centre took some time. Meanwhile the local YMCA Board and a huge group of people was waiting in the hotel for us, so when we arrived at the hotel we only had time for a quick visit to the washroom to put on a tie and refresh ourselves for the waiting reception.IMG_3027Robert Suryaprakash is the President of Greater Hyderabad YMCA, and he spoke well as he welcomed us to Hyderabad. Immediately following his welcome speech came the ritual welcome ceremonies with gifts and felicitation of all kinds.


Then I was welcomed to the podium to give a speech to the local dignitaries and YMCA members. Hyderabad YMCA had been on a difficult journey the last fifteen years, but are now back in good standing and with great and ambitious plans for the near future. I welcomed them back and congratulated them with excellent results.


Next day was set aside to Foundation Stone Laying at YMCA Pinnacle at the YMCA NarayanaGuda Branch, as well as the same ceremony laying the Foundation Stone for the International Tourist Home Extension and Modernization Project at Secunderabad YMCA. On the way we could study street life in Hyderabad in all its colorful glory.

IMG_3014A short meeting with media was included, and we answered many questions about the relationship between the global YMCA Movement and the local YMCA in Hyderabad.


They see themselves as part of the global YMCA family, which I welcomed very warmly!

IMG_2995Then followed the official ceremonies with beautifully carved stones, the first steps on a long way to complete very ambitious projects. Again I was stunned to observe the central location of the lands owned by the YMCA, in the middle of the city centre in one of the biggest cities of India. It is difficult to imagine that a solid business plan with such location could go wrong, and I used the opportunity to wish them God’s rich blessings and all success with their plans. I am really looking forward to come back one day and see the results.

1625598_10202984470593272_1984267160_nAnd below you can already today observe how this future palace will look. Impressive!

1975173_10202984466753176_732590379_nAt Secunderabad YMCA I opened a basket ball match between two leading teams from the city, and I shook hands with all the players before we sat down in the shade with cold water and watched the game being played.

IMG_3028The visit could not go on too long, Bombay YMCA was waiting in the city of Mumbai, so we were soon on our way to the airport again. And on our way I used the opportunity to take some snapshots of the colorful life on the streets of Hyderabad.

IMG_3031Back at the gate again we were offered professional photographic help to focus correctly, and we were then placed in the middle of a heavily trafficked street and accompanied of honking and tooting and life threatening traffic, we were able to have this shot taken. The experience itself had some exciting moments to it, and the price was really modest, only a handful of Rupees  and therefore a rather mediocre photographic performance could be accepted as a result, and at least I can share it with my friends together with a good story. So I guess it was worth it, even if this snapshot will not figure amongst my top ten photos from the Blue Music Blog.

IMG_3034The journey was full of exciting and tasteful Indian food, lots of curry and chili pepper and coriander, and from time to time a good spoonful of cold yoghourt was an absolute necessity and at least regarded as a clear blessing for my taste buds. Sometimes I was not quite sure if the general perspiration came from the humid climate or from the spicy food. What an experience!

IMG_2865Farewell to Hyderabad and all its colors and fruits and vegetables, and Mumbai – here we come!


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