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IMG_3140New Delhi, the capitol of India, the second last stop on our Indian journey and YMCA number 6 this week. The visit to New Delhi coincided with the meeting of the National Executive Committee, and we all stayed at the YMCA hostel. For the evening New Delhi YMCA had organized a celebratory dinner outside around the swimming pool, and we were introduced to the Board members of the New Delhi YMCA and their spouses.




After that YMCA President Rolland Williams introduced his National Leadership Team, as you can see from the two photos above. He also used the opportunity to praise the New Delhi YMCA and presenting their Annual Report.1891511_670787676300449_1921458635_o

Mr. Vivek Aranha, National Vice-President, National Council of YMCAs presenting memento to Rev. Dr.Johan Vilhelm Eltvik, Secretary General, World Alliance of YMCAs at felicitation function held at Massey Hall, National Council of YMCAs of India, New Delhi on March 15, 2014. Dr. Rolland Williams, National President, National Council of YMCAs of India coordinated the felicitation function.MNB

Mr. Danial Ravi Kumar, Regional Secretary, SIR YMCAs; Mr. Ch.R.P. Mani Kumar, Regional Secretary, SEIR YMCAs and Mr. Deepak Londhe, General Secretary with Rev.Dr. Johan Vilhelm Eltvik, Secretary General, World Alliance of YMCAs at the felicitation function held at National Council of YMCAs of India, New Delhi.


And from all that glory we were taken to the slums of New Delhi where we met a lot of children and young people and some outstanding YMCA professionals and leaders. It was heartwarming to see all the preparations which had taken place to give us a fabulous presentation on a Saturday morning. I saw a lot of happy children in active performance, demonstrating that YMCA is a Space, offers Transformation and creates Impact. Youth Empowerment in Action!

IMG_3084These young men were dancing with breathtaking energy and great smiles on their faces.

IMG_3087One of the guys was a true acrobat and it seemed that his limbs had absolutely no limitations. He was everywhere and nowhere at the same time!

IMG_3090And from very energetic dancing to a very polite group photo !

IMG_3092This visit was more than normally interesting. This is a self help group of ladies from the slum. They are saving money every month and creating an environment for micro credit. They showed us their books where all money was reported, interests and loans. This is giving the women a say in their families, because they are contributing seriously to the economy of their families. I could read in their eyes and faces how satisfied they were and how proud they were. Poverty, sure. Difficult living conditions, yes. But unhappy people? Not that I could observe. And YMCA in the middle of it, facilitating, organizing, making the future become possible and livable and giving pride to a group of women. I felt so proud of the YMCA!

IMG_3093The feeling of pride continued when we entered this vocational training centre where young kids were learning IT. This is opening doors to opportunities and jobs and a better life.

IMG_3098More women empowerment.  In cooperation with a number of other NGOs the YMCA is facilitating for women in need, both for immediate crisis as well as for long term development needs.

IMG_3100And the youngest children need a day centre.

IMG_3102And before you know it, they have grown into elementary school classes, still in the hands of the YMCA in New Delhi.

IMG_3103Again children in concentration, with books and simple equipment, and learning and developing and growing. Intelligent eyes and good smiles, a bit curious about these strangers visiting.


This is the view from fourth floor in the slum. They are building higher and higher!


Part of the vocational training is education for beauty care, and Ingunn is offered Henna painting by one of the young girls.

IMG_3111While she gets her hands painted, I try to focus on the environment around us, and I try to make a decent photo of the slum. I am never quite satisfied with the photos.


The artistic results for Ingunn are far more convincing!

IMG_3114Even some green lungs in the middle of the slum.


Now also the nails are included in the service.

IMG_3120Now, this photo is not that bad! It shows the reality of this slum. It is quite well organized, it is quite clean and people live in small  apartments on top of one another.

IMG_3122Typical contrasts of India. Directly from the slum to Indira Gandhi’s summer palace in New Delhi. It used to be a farm in the outskirts of the city, now it is surrounded by the city itself. But a safe haven of peace and tranquility and we had a splendid dinner outside in the garden.

IMG_3123Indira Gandhi’s swimming pool.


Mr. Vivek Aranha, National Vice-President, National Council of YMCAs and our generous host for the evening, here together with Ingunn.


This was the setting for the dinner party in this  beautiful garden of Indira Gandhi.


And eventually it is my turn to honor somebody else! Secretary General, World Alliance of YMCAs honoring the leaders of South East India Region of YMCAs – Mr. HenryDominic, Chairman, Mr. Ch.R.P. Mani Kumar, Regional Secretary for their dedicated service to the YOUTH and enrolling 260 YOUTH CHANGE AGENTS in the SEIR YMCAs and conducting training programme for the CHANGE AGENTS at the felicitation function held at the Massey Hall, National Council of YMCAs of India, New Delhi on March 15,2014.


  1. Thanks, dear Johan Vlihelm!!! My knowledge about the YMCA India has expanded incredible! I saw India and the YMCA of your eyes! My congratulations YMCA India and my friend Jose!!! I believe more and more in the mission of the YMCA!!!

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