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This is from the famous River Walk in San Antonio, Texas, where the annual NAYDO conference was organized last month. It was a well organized event with more than 1000 participants and Selma and I were delivering different inputs and participated in a number of meetings. I was especially involved in a panel presentation on Social Impact Investment, together with Kevin Trapani from the Redwood Group, one of our presenters at the World Council in Estes Park.

IMG_3264Together with Change Agent and Conference Volunteer from San Antonio YMCA, my good friend Robert Calvillo.


It is always a great pleasure to meet up with Change Agents, wherever I go! These three are the San Antonio Change Agents together with the President and CEO of San Antonio YMCA,, Sandy Morander to my right hand side. To the far right Robert Calvillo, and then to the left Mary Ashley McGibbon and Meliss Oehler.


A little glimpse from the plenary hall where all the key note speeches and presentations were held, in splendid combination with Texan food of great quality!



Andrew McKenzie gave an inspirational workshop on branding and communication work. A good audience gave a very positive feedback.


Renata Ferrari, Mary Tikalsky and Selma Zaidi taking care of the international delegates in a charming mix of Spanish and English.


It is beautiful along the River Walk and you can see our conference hotel in the background. Ingunn and I enjoying a few moments of leisure during the quite intense conference.



Wow! What a surprise! What a contrast from warm Texas to end up in Colorado with newly fallen snow! This is Estes Park late spring! To be honest, it was just before Easter!


Carlos and Ian Luck well dressed for the cold weather!


Palm Sunday parade in Estes Park. Change Agent Emely up front!
IMG_3382Scottish Pipes are played well in the winterly landscape and really makes us feel transported back to Palestine…..Carlos of course helps creating  the same feeling!



Some more winter impressions from Easter in the Rocky Mountains. Soon some of us will congregate up there in hopefully a more summerly atmosphere for the 18th World Council!


Ingunn, Ian, Pete, Bob, Carlos and Selma – all part of the prep team for World Council. Ian and Pete for the big Performance, Ingunn for the cook book and Bob, Carlos, Selma and I are generally the prep team together with Kohei and Tom.


Here together with Kent and his senior team during one of the many prep sessions we had over Easter. Very necessary and very constructive time did we spend in Estes Park in preparing for an event that seems to be bigger than in many years, with more than 1300 participants. We cannot wait to welcome you there!


Ice cold atmosphere and no competition for those comfortable chairs. But wait till June 29 – there will be a nice little competition for those chairs in front of the open fire places. The comfort is that there are so many of these cosy places around Estes Park. We will keep one of them for you!





  1. I am sure Estes Park will be a landmark conference with the change agents and new young thoughts and ideas. How I will miss the same.Will follow all reports closely. Please post!!!

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