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Change Agents performing at World Council in Estes Park at the opening show of the 18th World Council. The atmosphere was electric, the band fabulous and the music good.

IMG_3973I have a dream – free – free at last! A very good performance of the speech of Dr Martin Luther King. The content in this performance was excellent, deep, youth focused, focused on the problems and challenges and suffering of young people. “In justice towards Young People is the Problem. Empowering Young People is the Solution.”


You see? The show is in full going, dancing, acting, singing.


The fight between good and evil is developing and the young people are attacked by evil forces.


The evil forces have the upper hand and the situation seems pretty desperate and lost!


Hopeless and desperate are the young people looking for a solution.


The situation is changes, every things is tuned upside down. The young people are responding with light.

The power of light against the evils of darkness.


And now it is the young people who have the upper hand and chasing then evil forces away!


Victorious young people with strong power of light against the powers of darkness!


Change Agent Andreas from Sweden gives a very convincing and very strong speech on behalf of the 200 Change Agents present at World Council in Estes Park. In fact the Change Agents are here to lead and facilitate change and help us with all the programme. Andreas is presenting his bold visions for the YMCA and Youth Empowerment, especially focused on a better environmental future. Excellent speech, Andreas, excellent speech! Thank you!


Our fantastic key note speaker, Gabrielle Scrimshaw, @GabScrimshaw, telling us fantastic stories and sharing her own development and Youth Empowerment story. She is a well educated and well established young leader in Canada, coming from the First Nation of Canada. We all liked Gabrielle’s speech and enjoyed the relaxed and at the same time engaging way of delivering the speech. Well received!


President Ken Colloton and the 300 young people at World Council. We talked about the Youth Empowerment profile and shared future perspectives for the YMCA movement. Inspiring and encouraging and very, very motivating. This is our greatest resource.



And last, but not least the Change Agent General Romolu Dantas from Geneva/Sao Paulo. He is a great resource for the World YMCA in his work both with Change Agents, Youth Empowerment as well as Communication. The rest of the staff team is busy with registration, selling the new Cook Book (Can be ordered via e-mail as well and is a fantastic gift to yourself or someone you love!)

The atmosphere is high and we have started well. The World Council is on its way, on OUR WAY!

More tomorrow. Then I will give my report in the morning. Need to go to bed now, then!



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