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Dear friends,

day 4 has been celebrated with many good encounters. The Change Agents are facilitating the groups together with leaders form the movement, and people are really surprised how much they like and enjoy the groups. Later in the day we had 5 experts on Health, Jobs, Environment, Social Impact and Civic Engagement. That was a gore session with a lot of new insights. Unfortunately has the evening arrived, and with that a little tiredness. It was a fabulous day, and we celebrated the President’s Reception with fundraising for Change Agents – Investing in  Young People. So far we reached $ 120 000, and several movements have promised to come back in a few days to decide on significant gifts. This is quite a responsible answer from the movement, and again that makes me so happy and proud. Due to natural tiredness late night, and combined with strike in download of photos, I decide to go to bed and make this a small blogpost without anything extra ti read.


Beautiful animals in the high mountains!


It is Wednesday and the mountains are still here.






I really want to share all this beauty with you, and I try my best.


Deep valleys and forest not involved in fires for a long time.


Another interesting traffic sign.


John Knox and Jim Thompson from Scotland together with me and Kent Meyer.


Ancient native American trail in the high mountains over the tundra.


Yesterday night we had very impressive Native American dancing.


Rythm and drums and intense dancing


It was a whole family dancing for us.


IMG_5188Every morning at 07.00 we start with breakfast meeting in the Steering Committee.


After breakfast we have another beautiful devotion, this morning with Change Agents testimonies – as always very impressive and  moving.

2014-07-02 18.03.06

New Treasurer, Leopoldo Lima, and new President, Peter Posner. Congratulations!

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