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The final show tonight was breath taking and like an explosion of joy and happiness and unity. Our Journey Together was the theme and we travelled through the history of the World Alliance of YMCAs in a fascinating way (WAY). The band was exceptional and the singers fabulous and the story was really engaging. The 18th World Council cheered and shouted and enjoyed the final evening and now the evening is over and we are into the night and I am afraid, dear readers and friends, that this will also have to be a short one, due to need for sleep before the final service and end of the World Council tomorrow morning, then Executive Committee meeting with the new team, and immediately after that lunch with the National Secretaries and then the weekend together with National Secretaries and Change Agents in planning for the implementation of the strategy.



I hope to find time tomorrow to give you a more in debt insight in the 18th World Council, but now to bed!



  1. This is to thank Lord Jesus for His presence during the 18th World Alliance of Ys and for leading us to have the most successful interactive week with the world leaders for a better World YMCA order. Congrats to Johan and his team for the grand success !! Congrats also to the YMCA of the Rockies for unforgettable hospitality ! – Dr. J. Arthur Prem, President , Bombay YMCA

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