Posted by: thebluemusicblog | July 5, 2014


IMG_3151Today was the final day in Estes Park and the 18th World Council was coming to the end. It has been an absolute terrific week and a very successful World Council. The sun was shining all through the week, and 1300 people were smiling and laughing and hugging and clapping and sharing and becoming friends. It was a heart warming experience. It was goodbye to Ken Colloton as President, but welcome to Peter Posner. It was goodbye to the outgoing Executive Committee, but also welcome to a new team of Executive Committee members. Yesterday night was the time for the great show and we enjoyed it enormously. The text was written by Pete Bürki from Swiss YMCA and instructed by him and technical and logistical support from Ian Luck, YMCA Norway. Our own young YMCA people were singing and dancing and it was a smashing hit of a show, and then on 4th of July!


Tonight I have software problems and I am not able to upload any images at all. I am sorry, but this is not tiredness tonight. All people have left for home, apart from the Change Agents and the National General Secretaries, and we are all meeting over the weekend. The final service was good and impressive and quite emotional, then immediately after that the meeting of the new Executive Committee, followed by lunch with the NGSs and then meeting through the day. We were all  a bit sleepy.

I am sorry for the lack of images, but I promise to come stronger back in a few days.


Warm regards from a beautiful Colorado and the end of the 18th World Council. It will be remembered for a long time.


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