Posted by: thebluemusicblog | July 6, 2014


Dear friends,

The reason for my problems with images the last few days was that I had reached my storage and capacity limit with Word Press, hosting my blog, so it was needed to upgrade my account with them. That is now done, and new images can be uploaded and even videos of quite a size can be shared as well. So it is a New Day for the Blue Music Blog! As a compensation for the bleak appearance of my blogposts in the middle of a very fascinating World Council with thousands of colorful images, I am now offering you the highlight video from the 18th World Council, produced by the Change Agent Production, Long Beach YMCA, California. This is a team under the leadership of our great friend and one of the best youth workers I have ever come across, Bob Cabeza, Vice President in Long Beach YMCA. If you have time and interest, you also have my Secretary General report to the 18th World Council in Estes Park available below. Enjoy these videos, they will give you more than glimpses of what this World Council was about. Share it with your friends, please, in this way you can help us to get the messages out there! And I am back with more photos and images soon, no technical limit whatsoever, and from now on, also no adverts at the bottom! Thank you, Samuel!


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