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I was spending a few minutes looking into this crystal bowl, watching for interesting revelations. This is something you tend to do when you are waiting for someone to arrive for an evening chat or for a dinner party. There is no time to start any sensible project, so to kill time, you can for example choose to look into a crystal bowl. This happens to be a high quality crystal bowl made in Sweden by the famous glass artist Bertil Vallin in Costa Boda in Glasriket in Sweden. This is a treasure chamber of glass art opened up for us by our good friends from Kalmar, Jan and Monica. Sweden is of course also famous for its rich traditions of making herring taste like something from a gourmet kitchen. Herring is of course less durable than a crystal bowl, and also tend to be less beautiful. But the taste of Swedish herring is not comparable to anything made of glass. Watching herring is also not giving you any revelations worth sharing with anybody, but eating it a Sunday morning for breakfast, maybe together with a soft boiled egg, belongs to my most precious nourishment highlights. I know that for many of you fish, and maybe especially herring in the morning feels strange. Then maybe you would prefer to choose the crystal bowl and lave the herring behind and look into the future together with me?



For the 200 years anniversary of YMCA in 2044 the WORLD YMCA published a history of all the ups and downs of the YMCA movement over a fantastic period of 200 years. It is full of pictures from the famous events of the YMCA, like the Nobel Peace Prize in 1946, or the invention of the Basket Ball. There are also photos of details, like the medal from the 50 years JUBILEE in London 6th of June 1894:


The founder himself, George Williams, was present, and when they made the famous group photo of more than 2000 participants outside Windsor Castle, under supervision of Queen Victoria herself, George Williams was sitting in the first row, at the front of the photo, surrounded by 2000 YMCA leaders from all over the world! What a fantastic moment. I have this medal, given to each of the participants in 1894, as a gift from my good friend Ken Montgomery. I look at it every day and feel the thrill of it. Amazing!


The 200 years history has a separate chapter starting in late 2014, and it is called POWER SPACES. Following what seems to have been a very successful 18th World Council in Estes Park, a remarkable change seems to have happened from 2014 and onwards. (Reading that chapter I had to double check if the writer had made a mistake, but it seems to be correct that they actually came back to Estes Park 33 years after the 8th World Council in 1981, also to be organized among the wild Rocky Mountains of Colorado!)


The historians write about what they refer to as “The YMCA Change Model”, focusing on the YMCA as Space, Transformation and Impact. This concept had been introduced under the slogan “YMCA EMPOWERING YOUNG PEOPLE” and was supported and communicated to the global YMCA movement by something called Change Agents. This concept got quite a universal agreement in the movement, and it seemed that more and more people inside the YMCA movement embraced the idea that there was an Untold Story About Injustice Towards Young People, and many were referring to the birth of the YMCA back in 1844 when George Williams was opening his door to the backstreets of the Industrial Revolution in England and saw all the young people in social misery. Leaders of the movement said that the situation for young people back in 2014 actually was worse than ever before. The fact remained also that the world had never been younger than in 2014. More than 1,8 billion young  people were struggling with unemployment, poor future perspectives, low self esteem and very little influence on the world around them. Needless to say – the environmental situation was still on a decline back in 2014, as we know the first signs of real improvement in the global environmental situation came first around 2033 with the famous Singapore Agreement from the Earth Summit that year.


The situation for young people was indeed difficult, and in addition to the other problems neither HIV-AIDS nor Cancer had found its solutions yet, and people even struggled with diseases unknown in our days, something called Ebola and even Bird Flew. It is difficult today to understand how a whole generation of young people was left to struggle with unemployment, poverty and serious health issues, without much attention from the affluent classes. As often before in the history of the YMCA, exactly crisis situations like this in 2014 seem to have had an energizing impact on the movement, and the number of members and engaged young people started to grow very fast and after just a few years had reached as much as 5-5,5% of the whole youth population in 2016, and around 2020 the number of YMCA members in the world had doubled to more than 120 million people, most of them young people between 12 and 30 years of age.

An important reason for this significant growth was that local YMCAs in more than 16000 communities all around the world started to organize what they called POWER SPACES. This name was a combination of the already mentioned slogans about YOUTH EMPOWERMENT and the YMCA Change Model  SPACE, TRANSFORMATION and IMPACT. The POWER SPACES were organized around existing and very successful programme traditions in the YMCA, everything from Soccer and Basket Ball to Social Inclusion, Ten Sing and Camping, Skills Training and Vocational Training. POWER SPACES mobilized over a short period of time millions of new young people, entering the POWER SPACES not knowing much about the YMCA or any other organizations. But there they met all the qualities and life changing elements of the YMCA and they started on a journey of transformation over several years until they came out on the other side with pride and self esteem, with a consciousness about their rights as well as obligations, and with power to change their own destinies.



In 2015 history shows us the first significant signs of the new JOB CLUBS growing out of the POWER SPACES. These were social enterprises run and managed by young people themselves, organizing the first steps from absolute unemployment to some kind of employment for thousands of young people. In the beginning it was impossible to understand how these POWER SPACES with their now famous JOB CLUBS ever could grow into the huge and extremely influential Youth Movement the YMCA is known as today. Young people around 2015 were still treated as voiceless and weak groups of almost no real influence, it is still painful to read history like the one we can read in YMCA 1844 – 2044, a history of the Untold Story Of Injustice Towards Young People. It was first after 2020 that young people were treated like they always had deserved, and justice slowly was established all around the globe. YMCA was acknowledged for its decisive influence in mobilizing and organizing young people to have the breakthrough that came through the amazing YOUTH MANIFESTATION in 2022, when young people without using violence resolutely surrounded parliaments and government buildings in more than 115 capitols of the world and demanded justice for the underprivileged young people. Ten years later there was no government in the world with less than 30% of their members between 20 and 30 years of age. In 2014 such revolutionary changes were not imaginable at all, and still the YMCA rose to the challenge and it was with universal applaud and respect that the female President of the World YMCA could receive the organization’s second Nobel Peace Prize in the year 2025, 79 years after the first one.



In the history book YMCA 1844-2044 the historians claim that the changes taking place in the worldwide YMCA in the years 2014-20 were very similar in structures to the changes taking place during the Second World War, when the World YMCA rose to the challenges of facing millions of young people forced to fight for their lives. The YMCA grew to unknown dimensions in offering help and life saving care for soldiers and prisoners of war on all fronts. Deservedly they got the Nobel Peace Prize in 1946. And again in 2014-18, in the period called “The 2nd Civil Rights Movement” in the famous fight for Youth Justice, the YMCA again grew to unknown dimensions and was again rewarded with the famous Nobel Peace Prize. It is fascinating to learn how the historians of today in 2044 clearly see the beginning to this fantastic development in the creation of the famous POWER SPACES around 2014. It is similarly clear to the same historians that the whole YOUTH EMPOWERMENT agenda started with African YMCAs and their S2C-programme.

This YMCA History Book 1844-2044 is absolutely fascinating reading and can be recommended to all people engaged in modern youth issues. The book can be flash ordered through X-link and will be delivered in x-rayed stimaphonine versions of YYDFZ3 x beta chrome g-lite. Easy to read!

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