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The evening at Gwénaël and his wife in their magnificent villa/mansion on the top of Port-au-Prince in Haiti was fascinating! We were 15 people together – one owner of a huge company producing natural oil for perfume production from vegetable roots – located in Haiti, one teacher from Bronx, NY, a project leader for an educational experiment in the north of Haiti, Gwénaël’s wife with a key position in the Central Bank of Haiti and staff and volunteers from the YMCA. We were all connected to the YMCA, prospective donors and board members. The conversation was again stimulating and enlightening, the view of the city was stunning from the villa and the food was all Creole – an exciting evening on the top of the world with distant drums from the beginning carnival down in the streets of the big city.


Back to realities at the airport. American Airlines gives us what obviously must be a well planned delay since it is printed on our boarding cards. It means that we will arrive in Mexico at least 3 hours late – deep into the tropical night! We will not reach our final destination until early morning, and important meetings are waiting at eight o’clock in the morning.


Airlines are airlines. YMCA could teach them a bit on the core values side.

Anyway, after 70 minutes in passport line we entered the US immigration for the third time in 10 days on our way from Haiti to Mexico City. Sunday afternoon is not an easy day for travel. We will be very late into Mexico and will have to organize a taxi or two to get to our camp.



I have only a few minutes to get this blogpost on its way here in Miami before entering the flight to Mexico I am on my way to a very important and exciting meeting with more than 50 National Secretaries. We will deal with a lot of important matters related to our common strategy for the next four years and I will write more about this tomorrow, when the meeting will start. Now I am heading into the dark night on a 4 hours flight to Mexico. All the best! And good night.



  1. Johan, the intrepid traveler! These blogs are marvelous, thanks so much for the effort. Eileen. ps I know & love Miami airport, but those travel delays can get to even the most energetic & determined traveler!

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