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Modern art is in focus for today, and this photo above can be a good intro to the theme!IMG_2555

Dear friends! Today is the start of the visit to YMCA Mexico, and we have a full and rich programme ahead of us, visiting community centres, sports centres and the YMCA University. I am very motivated, and I believe that the afternoon also will include a visit to the Museum of Modern Art and especially a view of Diego Rivera. This is my little bonus when I am traveling around the world, I can visit the best galleries and Museums. My special interest is modern art and contemporary art.


Yesterday was a transport day to bring us from the Camp Camohmila to Mexico City, and we used the rest of the day to plan for a communication strategy for the launch of the One Million Voices report in October/November this year. It is an exciting challenge, because it is the first time in a very long time that the World YMCA has a real global news release on its hands. Andrew McKenzie is our new Communications Director, and he is very professional and has a vast experience from big business in Australia, among other things as communication and marketing director for a big motor race operation, but lastly he worked for Victoria YMCA in Melbourne. From that point of view it was interesting to drive in a taxi through the energetic traffic of Mexico City in the late evening hunting for a dinner place.

IMG_2553So we were driving towards Sportcenter Ejercito Nacional, where we are welcomed by the centre manager and his daughter.


This is also the national office of YMCA Mexico. The sports center is extremely well maintained and clean and attractive and as we are walking around the centre we are all feeling the urge to participate in some physical activities and exercises!


This is the frontal view of the National Office and the Sports Centre. It was built in the 1950s, but looks like it is from last year!


I am probably the person inside the YMCA who has seen more YMCA swimming pools than most other people, and never used them! As we are making the tours, there is never time to swim, and so also today!


This little member is making a demonstration of his skills in front of us.


And this even smaller member is on his way to the changing rooms for a game of football or basket ball on a Saturday morning.IMG_7373

See how the urge to participate in physical exercise is taking control of the group, and as we enter the dance room, the ballet of the World YMCA is lining up and ready for performance!


Other of us have more aggressive instincts and when I find this equipment hanging on the wall, I cannot resist it and I challenge my good friend Romulo for a fight.


Romulo is game, and finds his own equipment and then we go in clinch. There are lots of aggression and built up tension that will out! And we punch and go about it with full energy as we are laughing so much that we hardly maintain our balance. But the fight must go on!

IMG_7378The fight is soon over, and good friends go back to slow walking around the sports centre. This physical explosion did us good.


The altitude is high in Mexico City, and so is the temperature. It is spring time, and the weather is changing from cold to warm every now and then.


We move on to visit the YMCA University. I have heard a lot about this Mexican University of the YMCA, and I must say that I am really impressed with the building and the orientation we get from the CEO of the University. It has such a wide offer for the 1500 students, international cooperations, Bachelor and Master studies, and very closely linked with the YMCA. The University has the highest accreditations and is very recognized as one of the high quality private universities in the country of Mexico.


We can only congratulate the staff of the University and of course the Mexican YMCA with a great achievement. The university has been operating since the year 2000 and will therefore celebrate 15 years anniversary this year.


My good friend the Headmaster and CEO of the University is orienting us of the different aspects of the YMCA University.


Diego Rivera

It is time for art, and we drive to the Museum of Modern Art to see a few paintings of Diego Rivera, and a statue of Henry Moore, below.


Henry Moore

We are invited by the National Board and Ernesto for a dinner tonight, and the bus will pick us up at 18.40. Tomorrow is Sunday, and it is the day for the pyramids at Teotihuacan. I have visited the pyramids before, but the rest of the team has not, and I am also looking forward to see it again, to climb them, and hopefully find the art shop I was so fascinated by last time I was there. It was a collective of about 30 artist, and in their workshop I found a beautifully carved scull of an Aztec Priest, carved in green stone. I bought it and had lots of trouble going through security at all airports afterwards. We all have to suffer for art!


  1. Beautiful photos & lively commentary! I visited YMCA Mexico many yrs ago and remember the hospitality, excellent facilities, terrific people! I also remember intense traffic in the ‘Districto Federal’; most taxis were lime-green volkswagen beetles! And exciting, compelling art — ancient & modern — everywhere! Mexico City is one of the most interesting cities in the world.

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