Posted by: thebluemusicblog | May 30, 2015

Africa Alliance of YMCA’s Youth Summit and General Assembly

I am on my way to Dakar via Paris.
I am going to participate in the meeting of the National Secretaries and the General Assembly of the African Alliance of YMCAs. I cannot come fast enough to Africa. The continent of the Future. I have been to Dakar before, a very significant Executive Committee meeting of the World Alliance. I believe it was in 2001. It was impressive and especially the visit to the slave island Gorre made an unforgettable mark on my mind and memory.

I have thought a lot about Dakar and Senegal since then, and the last year with Ebola terrorizing the neighbor states in West Africa, I have prayed and thought a lot about my dear friends in this part of Africa.

The photo today is picturing a gift from the King of the Ghan People in Ghana. I was given this elephant as a symbol of strength and with the antelope on the top of the elephant as a symbol of leadership.

This is Africa for me today. A huge continent with fantastic beauty, nature and with enormous resources. An elephant of strength.


And in the African YMCA so many antelopes, let me mention just three:
James, Evelyn and Carlos. And there are many more.

The next days I will update you on matters important for YMCAs in Africa.


From the NGS meeting

Warm regards from my flight where my Western neighbor has already occupied “our” shared armrest fully. And on my way to Charles de Gaulle, my least like able airport in the world. I look forward to Dakar again. 14 years since last visit.

From the Youth Summit


  1. good future for our African land

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