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Today was partly a day of rest for most of us as the NGS meeting had come to an end yesterday night. The Youth Summit is in Dakar today on an advocacy campaign.The theme of the Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) of the African Alliance starting tomorrow morning is “the point of no return”.


So when my dear friend and Brother From Another Mother, Carlos Sanvee, asked me if I had any interest in sailing out from the coast of Senegal, I was not quite sure what was waiting for me. Did Carlos really want to send me to a point of no return? Would I sail into the blue yonder with no hope of ever participating in a committee meeting or even a small plenary meeting or any other meeting at all? What a horrible perspective for a frequent goer to meetings and a happy speaker to meetings and a man who cannot imagine a life without the next meeting clearly planned and put into the diary?


With trembling steps I was walking to the registration boot where I had to go through a short confessional, Could I swim? Was I at good health? Did I have an optimistic view on life at sea? Did I plan to stay on the high seas? In that case – why? Was I easy to collaborate with for the skipper? would I plan for mutiny if I saw a pleasant island with palms and pineapples? The long beaches stretched out in front of me – the last I was going to see of the coast of Senegal.


While I was answering this form, I had to empty all my pockets for all valuables and less valuable things until I even gave away the key to my room. I felt that something final was about to happen. Here I put behind me all things that might identify me and which might give me a future on that island with pineapples. Even my shoes I had to give up, and like a Franciscus (Not the Pope!) I walked with sand between my toes the heavy way towards the little catamaran with two sails and a very unclear nearest future, in my mind at least. A pelican watched me attentively and impressed!


I was wondering if I should just run for it and escape this travel to a point of no return, or look for a Dolphin that would collaborate with me in escaping the point of no return. I have a good pal that is Dolphin in Cayman Island, but he was not here, obviously.


While my feet were dragging themselves closer and closer to the catamaran (Boat with two keels and an unsure future!) and the sand felt heavier and heavier to walk through, Carlos came running through the sun towards us and I asked with bewildered eyes and trembling voice if he really was to join me for the sailing? The sailing towards the point of no return? And yes, of course he was. And before we knew it, we were sailing through the first waves and became completely wet, and as a Norwegian Viking I was given the steering responsibility and we sailed into the sunset, even if that was very early, since we had not had lunch yet.


And as the small catamaran became smaller and smaller, we eventually found a point of return and we came back, thoroughly wet, but happy and joyful and I thanked my Brother From Another Mother for his solidarity in bringing us both back in time for the next MEETING!


Being in Africa brings me in excellent mood and make me humorous and playful. But it is also very, very serious and very fascinating and engaging. The NGS meeting was fabulous and the Youth Summit inspiring. After our sailing adventure I spent time with different friends from many countries, that is the great opportunity at meetings like this. Over lunch and during coffee breaks you often experience the most important and life changing times!


One of those friends I have spent some significant time with, is Vezi Mncwango, and he has written a book called “Beholding the Glory of God”. He started as a shepherd in South Africa and has already been Chair of the World YMCA’s Governance Committee. I am looking forward to reading his book and will share details with you later. The book is partly about his life and how he changed.


Lucy, the Treasurer, James, the President and Carlos, the General Secretary

Then I was invited to the Executive Committee of the African Alliance of YMCAs. It is at least the third time I participate in their meetings, because they have made the Secretary General of the World YMCA Ex Officio member of their ExCom. It was good to be back in a MEETING again!


The honorable  Executive Committee of the African Alliance of YMCAs

We discussed economy and reports, but also exciting news about the African Renaissance University, about inspiring plans for the coming OGM meeting, and we had evaluation of the General Secretary, Carlos, my Brother From Another Mother. They had used outside evaluation systems and Carlos came through the process with shining results and was welcomed into a new contract with standing ovations from his Executive Committee. Congratulations, sailing mate! I thanked the ExCom sincerely for the very successful arrangement whereby Carlos also works for 25% of his time on the World YMCA staff as my advisor.


Tomorrow the whole meeting is traveling from this place where we are hosted, Hotel Decameron, La Somone, to Dakar, around two hours on a bus, to have the official opening  ceremony of the OGM in the facilities of YMCA Senegal in Dakar. We are going to open officially a YMCA school and I am giving my key note address to the theme of “the point of no return”. I am looking forward to address this very courageous and visionary meeting of African YMCA leaders!


  1. hi, thanks, You know how I am keen to hear about Cameroon’s full return into de African family ( and later the world y family)


    Primo Bursik





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    thebluemusicblog posted: ” Today was partly a day of rest for most of us as the NGS meeting had come to an end yesterday night. The Youth Summit is in Dakar today on an advocacy campaign.The theme of the Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) of the African Alliance starting tomorrow m”

  2. Carlos congratulations for the great job well done. wishing you well. and all the best for the future. No weapon fashion against you shall ever prosper ……..

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