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Dear friends,

I have too many beautiful photos from the sailing with 150 Change Agents. I have to stop trying to cover all of the journey. It was fabulous, it was life changing, it was beautiful and impressive. Further below watch the short video from the Change Agent Global Gathering on the Peace Boat from August 21 – 31, 2015.


A full moon was following the most spectacular sunsets, and we were strolling along the decks to enjoy the miracles of nature.


We were without internet most of the sailing, so loads of time were to our disposal. An unusual experience for all of us!


Below please find the link to the presentation on video, done by our volunteer from Hamburg, Philippe.


The captain on board was Anders Andersson from Arvika in Sweden. When he discovered that there was a Norwegian on board, he took contact to tell me his best Norwegian jokes, and after that we became friends and he invited us to the command bridge to see the sailing to port in Cebu, Philippines. That was a fascinating experience for all of us so lucky to be there.

IMG_0048The view from the bridge is quite different, and to follow the work of the captain and his officers and the pilot taking this big ship to shore, was fabulous!


This is in fact a sunrise one of the mornings, also in these waters the sun rises mostly at morning time.


I was allowed to bring a group of Change Agents to the bridge and we had a fantastic time!

IMG_0096Sunset all over the place!


And here the captain with his officers and crew in full concentration.

I hope you are able to open the video and follow some of the highlights from the Change Agent training.


Below Captain Anders Andersson, officers and Change Agents.


The captain sent me an e-mail after we had left the ship to tell me how much he and his crew had enjoyed sailing with 150 young YMCA leaders from 62 countries. A great friend!


The sun rises again after a wet night under the deep sea.


I am very happy that I was able to participate in this great experience. It was deep going discussions, one to one conversations, group experiences, singing, dancing, praying and laughing. It was a true and genuine YMCA fellowship that none of us will ever forget. It was one of those blessed moments that lasted for two weeks!


Guess who is in action here, lecturing on Resource Mobilization?

IMG_9956The people.


The group.


  1. Beautiful photos and commentary. Thank you!

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