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Father Philip And Leslie Armstrong, the Vice President and the President of Kuala Lumpur YMCA received us together with staff and volunteers on an early Saturday morning in the YMCA premises.


Father Philip is from the Syrian Orthodox Church in Malaysia and has served the YMCA in KL since 1984. Leslie Armstrong has served as President for the last two periods and is pushing forward with steady hands.

The landmark building in Kuala Lumpur is the Twin Towers, an enormous building, impressive when you are on street level and look up, even more so when you are in the TV Tower and looking down at it!

IMG_0570We had a wonderfully inspirational conversation with staff and volunteers on that Saturday morning, sharing about all our visions locally and globally, sharing our common frustrations over missed communication channels and talking about the need for general and inspirational communication from the global level to come all the way to local leaderships. We shared about Change Agents and Youth Empowerment, and the KL leadership told me about their social outreach programmes, how they are feeding the poor every Saturday, how sports and cultural and educational programmes are reaching the kids around the corner and less advantaged kids from the whole city. KL YMCA has an impressive property in the middle of the capital including a great soccer field, basket ball fields, tennis fields and volley ball fields.


They have saved money for years to start a very ambitious building project to modernise and renew their premises. Not on the scale of the Twin Towers, but on a significant scale for a local YMCA. It again threw light on the need for our Property Development Project – to offer professional consultants and services to local YMCAs so that under-utilised properties can be changed into real resources for an improved YMCA mission delivery locally.

IMG_0577Having discussed and watched an elegant multimedia presentation of the present and future of KL YMCA and prayed under the good leadership of Father Philip, we were taken to the lunch table in the YMCA cafeteria and enjoyed both food and fellowship together. Stephen to the right is the new Programme Executive locally, and of course Jose is here and assisting in his very competent and insightful way. Great to have Jose!




Under the shadow of tall rises in the middle of the city the YMCA in collaboration with some good people are feeding the poor every Saturday, and it was a pleasure to see the volunteers enjoy their good service as well as to see the street people enjoying a good, warm meal.


After the meal the street people are invited to consult doctors and nurses and measure their blood pressure and other essentials before they walk into the pulsing city life in Kuala Lumpur again. What a fantastic service to the people of the streets!


Back in the YMCA building I climb the stairs to the National Office and we find the National General Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer there.


An inspirational visit to the National Office with Presilla in the middle, Honorary Treasurer, and Cheryl Lee, NGS Malaysia YMCA resulted in beautiful gifts and a very constructive conversation around our common future. Thank you!



Our friends invite us for a visit to the top of the TV tower, 270 meters above street level. It is a bird’s eye perspective and it is fun to look down at the skyscrapers.


If you look carefully at these two photos they are like Selfies inside and outside the tower – with an illuminated and beautiful Kuala Lumpur city below me. Fabulous perspective!


But scary only to have a couple of cm glass between myself and 270 meters height!


The two red kites symbolise that it is the day before New Years Eve, Chinese New Year, and the city is really decorated in the most fantastic way. The Chinese like firecrackers and lights and rockets and illuminated kites!


Sunday morning we go to church. This is one of my many privileges, that I get to visit so many different churches and denominations and get to know so many wonderful local church leaders. This time it is Anglican St Mary’s Cathedral and we are introduced as guests for the day to a full church. Warm hospitality and fellowship.


After church we go to the market and have some fun together with Leslie. Bargaining the price is always a lot of fun, especially when the saleswoman are on to the show!


A nice lunch at the market and after food a cup of White Coffee, the speciality of Kuala Lumpur.


I know that it is not easy to taste coffee through a photo, but it looks quite good, at least?


And we could not resist High Tea when we were offered it – quite an experience on a Sunday afternoon on our way to the airport and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.



  1. Fantastic photos & ‘perspective’! Commentary, too! Thank you!

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