Posted by: thebluemusicblog | February 11, 2016


Will you allow me an in-between-blog-post, more or less floating slowly and lazily into your in-box, with a mighty river in the main role, the Mekong river in South Vietnam? It is just that, in a slightly less poetic way, the internet connection in my hotel in Phnom Penh floats slowly and lazily into my computer and uploads a photo now, and another photo then, not really making any urgency out of anything. So as time is running past midnight soon, and I have a busy schedule in Phnom Penh tomorrow morning, speaking to 100 young people at 09.00 a.m. I decide with the last drops of patience to let this be a short, but floating blog-post from the Mekong Delta to commemorate the final day in beautiful Vietnam as Luu van Loc invites us for a river cruise on the powerful and mighty Mekong river.


We summarise the visit so far and I tell Loc how much I have enjoyed to see the details of the fabulous programmes of the YMCA in Ho Chi Minh City, and how much I desire to come back and see their work up north.


And as we go ashore on the Thoi Son Island to study tropical fruits and production of the best quality honey there is on this planet Earth, we proceed to lunch, which contains of no less than Elephant Ear Fish.


Before l.unch they took us paddling on small canals which had been used by the soldiers during the war and then we crossed the river Mekong again and landed in My Tho City and headed for a visit with Rev. Huynh Thien Buu, the Vice President of the National Board of YMCA Vietnam and his family.


They received us in celebratory cloths and invited us for our second serving of Lunar New Year food.


We waved farewell to our friends and filled with joy and friendship we head for the airport to board Cambodian Airline propeller flight to Phnom Penh.


On the way to the airport I decide that my last photo from Vietnam had to be an overcrowded motorbike. As you can see there is a family of two adults and two children onboard this little motorbike, but I have seen two parents and three children and some luggage at the same time on an even smaller vehicle.


Vietnam – we are coming back – what a country and how wonderful people!


  1. A Fond Farewell to Viet Nam. I love the final ‘overcrowded motorbike’ photo! Please give warmest greetings to the Rev. Huynh Thien Buu,
    Vice President of the National Board of YMCA Vietnam, and his family!

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