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Staff of World YMCA and National General Secretaries influence one another mutually, often into fields like Haut Couture, as we can see below between World and Japan. Cute!


Below you can meet Brother Anthony Rogers from Malaysia, he inspired us every morning during his key note speeches. A wonderfully inspiring speaker!


And down under an example of creative interaction between Area and National General Secretaries, here introducing World Challenge 2016!


The Annual Meeting of National General Secretaries 2016 was very constructive and successful. The atmosphere was excellent and the interaction between us great. Change Agents is the biggest project we have ever initiated, and it is going well around the globe.


The first cohort of Change Agents was 220, and the present cohort consists of 150, so we have 370 active Change Agents working in hundreds of local YMCAs around the world.


We had two Change Agents present. Malene from Denmark And Lockie from Australia, and they spoke to us at length about their personal experiences and learning from the programme they are participating in. We also asked a number of the NGSs to share their experiences. What we heard was a great motivation to go on with the programme and to increase and expand it.


Romulo facilitated the conversation around the future of the programme, and indicated that from 2017 we will try to recruit 400 Change Agents in one go, and their highlight will be the World Council in 2018.


Michal and Professor Marek from The University of Warsaw informed us about the new methodology for One Million Voices – the next phase of our youth research.


Complementary to the quantitative representative random selection from OMV I we are looking for a qualitative method based on Focus Groups in different countries with professional research facilitation and reporting. There were numerous questions for clarification from the Secretaries.



Ian Green sung his swansong on the Property Development Project, as he is moving on to another job in a few days. The project has started in Ghana and in Kenya and will have more projects coming up the pipeline.


Andrew was enthusiastically launching the World Challenge 2016 – Give Young people a Voice!


Michal and Mukti reported from Nepal after the earthquake. (Andrew is helping with the technical.)  It is impressive what Nepal YMCA has been able to do in a short time.


At the end of the day we had small discussion groups on the Research to collect more questions and issues for clarification.


Next day we took feedback on the research plans and gave time enough to ask all necessary questions.


The final item on the agenda was the introduction of the new Strategy for 2018-22 – a discussion paper to be dealt with by the NGSs, the GST and then the Executive Committee at its meeting in Lima, Peru, in April. After that it will go for an extensive movement consultation over the next year.


The first Strategy 2010-14 was THE NEW WAY, the present one 2014-18 is OUR WAY, and the next one we propose to call THE WAY – to indicate that this has become normality – the way forward.



  1. Wonderful commentary! I love the “Change Agents” program: “Empowering Young People”, and fondly remember meeting many of them @ 2014 YMCA World Council mtg in Estes Park! Keep up the great work!

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