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It is time for the APAY Executive Committee Meeting together with 120 YMCA friends from Asia and Pacific. We meet at the Chinese YMCA in Hong Kong and from the City View YMCA Hotel I see the city like this:


I really like Hong Kong. We have two great YMCAs there and they are both so hospitable and elegant and have great facilities. Meetings in Hong Kong are always very well organised and the city itself is nice to walk around in. Natan Road is straight around the corner.


After the long flight via Amsterdam to Hong Kong it is relaxing to have dinner together with the APAY Board in a Chinese Restaurant that I seem to return to regularly.


Old friends are coming together and to the right here is the newly elected APAY President Babu Gomez.


Over to the right here you can see the newly appointed APAY General Secretary, Nam Boo-Won.


The night is falling over Hong Kong city, but according to my body clock it is morning and a new day is ahead.


Next morning Nam Boo-Won is greeting the meeting and lading us in an orientation about the APAY itself and the proceedings of the Executive Committee meeting.


Here we try to find our way through the documents recently handed out.


Slowly the meeting gets started with welcome speeches and greetings from partner organisations. I am welcomed to give the opening greeting from the World YMCA.


And here the International Y’sMen President, Wichian Boonmapajorn from Bangkok sharing greetings from Y’sMen International.


In the evening of the first day we are all invited to the YMCA of Hong Kong, which is the second YMCA, in addition to the Chinese YMCA, for a delicious welcome dinner banquet. There are greetings and entertainment before I am in invited to give the welcome speech, all this happening as the food is getting colder and colder…. No, only joking! The food was absolutely fabulous.


The crowd is happy and enjoying the entertainment.


The evening is unfolding like beautiful orchids.


Babu and Nam are making Public Relations around the The Golden Anniversary Trust Fund which they want to double with our help and assistance.


My favourite friends. Change Agents from Sri Lanka: Abraham Anojan, CEO Peter Ho from YMCA of Hong Kong, Change Agents from Hong Kong: Mandy Yu and Wendy Chow.



Next day we have committee meetings and here Peter Malone from Australia leading the Governance Committee, working on the Constitution. The committee has quite a number of good questions to me related to the World Alliance Constitution. I find it very interesting to work with Governance issues and constitutions.


The committee is engaged in several issues related to the Constitution.


From Governance I move to the Youth Committee and enjoy meeting “old” friends from different countries.


A quick walk through Natan Street before the evening meetings.


The sun is setting over just and unjust together and we all go to rest.


  1. Another fascinating destination, and important mtg! And, I agree w/ your statement: “I find it very interesting to work with Governance issues and constitutions”. So do I, and I’ve found municipal gov’t a great ‘final career’, after a long & satisfying career w/ the Y!

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