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Hong Kong in daylight. It was pretty cool, if not cold, to say it as it is. We had temperatures down to 6 degrees Celsius. And grey clouds every day. You had to move inside the Chinese YMCA or YMCA of Hong Kong to feel the warmth and hospitality.


To the left Peter, the newly elected chair of the Youth Committee in APAY and to the right Kelvin, proud Change Agent from Chinese YMCA, Hong Kong. Kelvin is also Social Secretary at the Uni-Y. Can you understand how it feels to meet these fabulous young people everywhere I travel? And they Are Change Agents par excellence! I am proud of both Peter and Kelvin. Leaders of today and even more so for tomorrow!



To the right is the Vice President of Cambodia YMCA plus two of her Board Members at her side.


We had inspiring Bibel studies every morning by Dr. Wati Longchar, Professor of Theology at Yue Shan Theological Seminary, Taiwan. The first day it was about the marginalised, the poor Lazarus’s lying at the gates of the rich people. Where is the YMCA supposed to place itself? With the marginalised, not with the rich and wealthy. Next day it was all about Servant Leadership. Servant Leadership is not weak, it is courageous and brave.


This is theNational General Secretary of Timor Leste YMCA. This is one of the new national members which will come to us in 2018 at the World Council, I hope.


The flame of inspiration was burning high in Hong Kong these days!

IMG_1610Peter Malone, my good friend from Australia, is the head of the Governance Committee and here he is presenting the report from that committee. What does Christian commitment mean? What does the bylaws of World Alliance say about this?


Sometimes life feels like a huge game of chess, even if the colours are different from black and white.


Peter is delivering the report from the Youth Committee – which has ambitious plans and I love to hear about them!


As I am writing these words to you, I am finding myself on top of one of these monster buildings and have a great overview of the city below me. Maybe not a good place to contemplate servant leadership?

IMG_1614Kishan Gunawardene is President of the National Council of YMCAs in Sri Lanka and Vice President in APAY. He is presenting the report from the Mission and Response committee.


Ron Mell, National General Secretary and CEO YMCA Australia, is definitely a profile at the APAY meetings, and this happened to be his last before he resigns from his job. What is he hiding here? Let us see on the next photo if we can magnify it and be able to read it?


No comments! Thank you Ron!


  1. Greetings to my ‘APAY’ YMCA colleagues! And, to the young change agents! They are indeed, leaders of today and even more so, tomorrow!

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