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We came to Lima in Peru and met a lot of good, old friends. They hosted us for the annual ExCom meeting. La Pueblo is a conference and holiday centre outside Lima. It is located in the middle of a stone desert, around us was absolutely no vegetation, but La Pueblo was green and full of palm trees and flowers, due to a very advanced irrigating system.Water was flowing day and night.


The President of Peru YMCA; Dante closes to me and then the past President, Gerardo.

You can see it in the smiles, here are good friends from many years back, enjoying the good fellowship and friendship. The YMCA in Peru is vibrant, full of young people led by excellent youth leaders, some of them Change Agents and one of them both Change Agent and staff of the WAY, Maricris from Lima.


The venue for the ExCom, La Pueblo.

The hospitality was without any limits and we felt immediately at home.


The host for the opening dinner, Daniel from the previous ExCom.

Daniel was hosting the opening dinner and gave us a varied menu, all from welcome speeches to vibrant Peruvian folk dances and music – a very colourful evening!


Dante, the President of Peru YMCA and the translator, Maricris, WAY staff from Peru.

The Ex Com discussed budget, changes of rules for the Refugee and Emergency fund, new interpretations of the present Constitution and a paper from the resource group for health.


Raul, the General Secretary of YMCA Peru.

Further the committee discussed new strategy, the research report, a possible reopening of the refugee desk, revision of the Governance Policy Agreement and we decided that the next World Council shall be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, organised by the WAY itself, since we had no valid applications from any host movement. The dates for the World Council in 2018 is July 8 – 14.


The cultural show was spectacular.

The visit to Lima city was an interesting excursion, as well as the cultural show on the opening evening. A spectacular presentation of folk music, dances and colourful costumes.


Staff celebrating Carlos’ birthday.

Carlos has celebrated most of his adult birthdays during the meetings of the ExCom in different locations around the world. This time we took an evening off with cake to celebrate a very good friend and colleague!


Two good friends, Ghassan and Kohei.

Kohei has taken over the role as liaison between the Y’s Men International and the World Alliance after he retired from APAY General Secretary last autumn.


Visit to Lima.

We also visited the YMCA of Lima, and we were divided in smaller groups and we were given excellent presentations by the young leaders of the YMCA. Among many interesting programmes I was fascinated to see the great Ten Sing group in Lima, and how up to date they were in their show and programming. The YMCA is full of young people and the programmes are vibrant and fun and the whole YMCA is solidly built on the Christian faith, obviously a very attractive foundation for the young generations of Lima!


The beaches of Lima seen from Miraflores.

The city is beautiful and one of the most attractive parts of the city has the name of Miraflores. It is full of flowers and parks and has a great view to the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful beaches.


Our elegant host at La Pueblo, Edgardo, the previous General Secretary of YMCA Peru.

Edgardo has been around for a while and he has been the leader of the Latin American Confederation, YMCA Italy and YMCA Peru. He is a wonderful gentleman and hosted us well in La pueblo. Thank you so much, dear friends from Peru YMCA!




  1. It was a pleasure Johan, we love to host our partners around the world in this exciting adventure we call YMCA movement

    • It was so good to see you again, dear Gerardo! The breakfast and the visit to the archeological site will stay with me till I die! You should become a member of the ExCom of the World Alliance, we need people like you.

      Best regards


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