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Marc (President) and Alexandra (National General Secretary) in YMCA France welcomed us to the French General Assembly in Camp Joubert in central France, on “Le Plateau”.

A hundred people came, half of them young people from France and some neighbor countries. It became a wonderful mix of experienced YMCA leaders and youthful energy.

I was of course very, very proud of the four Change Agents being present leading the young people.

Some of the participants at the opening ceremony in great summer weather. In the late evening the young people had the responsility to organize the entertainment and we all had a great time!

In the morning we started the Programme by visiting the Resistance Museum. The population of the district of “Le Plateau” had offered an admirable effort to rescue Jewish refugees by hiding them on remote farms.

We learnt about a famous YMCA Leader from this district, Charles Guillon, who had bought the farm which became Camp Joubert. He was an active fighter against the German occupation and ended up in Geneva as the YMCA secretary for Europe. A truly remarkable character!

A visit to one of the local churches resulted in the below beautiful photo:

I enjoyed my visit to French YMCA and the warm hospitality from our French YMCA friends – Merci Beaucop, Mes Amies!

The Cathedral of Uppsala symbolizes my visit to Sweden together with my friends in the Safe Space group.

Our conversations are done in confidentiality, but we could report to the movement that we made a significant break throug in our deliberations.

Our facilitator Pontus from Sweden followed up from the good work of our first facilitator, Anthony from Australia. We are looking for processes and tools to help the movement deal with sensitive issues. We are not planning to impose any solutions on the movement, just to offer constructive assistance for those who choose to start this challenging work.

We also had breaks and explored Uppsala on our own and had lots of fun as well!

Our hostess, Karin, Swedish NGS and her newborn son Siggy! He has been a member of the group since before he was born!

Interesting conversations and meaningful discussions in the Safe Space Group. We will hopefully have a great report ready for the World Council in 2018, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, July 8-14, 2018.

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