Posted by: thebluemusicblog | August 24, 2016


The Change Agents have enjoyed the second inspiring day of the Global gathering in beautiful Chiang Mai.

I need to start today’s blogpost with some  less uplifting news, not related to the participants at our event here in Chiang Mai, but about events taking place far away from us in the southern provinces of Thailand:

“One Thai person was killed and 30 wounded when two bombs exploded late on Tuesday near a hotel in the southern Thai beach town of Pattani, police said, less than two weeks after a series of blasts hit the south.”

“Since 2004 a low intensity but brutal war between government troops and insurgents has killed more than 6500 people in the southern provinces of Ayala, Pattani and Narathiwat that border Malaysia.”

“The three provinces soundly rejected a referendum earlier this month on the new military-backed constitution, which passed convincingly in most of the rest of the country.”

The World YMCA has more than 100 Change Agents and leaders presently going through a leadership event in Chiang Mai YMCA in the far north of Thailand. This part of Thailand is far away from the relevant areas of tension in the south, and there are no indications whatsoever that there is any raised risk level in this part of the country. We are keeping in close contact with the authorities and will keep you all informed.

So this is hopefully both a realistic and reassuring statement about a sad incident in the country we are visiting, but very far from where we are and therefore not facing us with any danger here.

During the day we have had excellent programmes being presented mostly by Change Agents themselves. We started with Africa and the S2C project, which is all about civic engagement and bringing people from being subjects to become citizens. As always the African Ambassadors were presenting with energy and power, music and dancing!

We had a variation of workshops related to Sustainable Development Goals and justice for young people.

Guro from Global, YWCA/YMCA of Norway talked to us about understanding of poverty and reflected the Norwegian Stop Poverty campaign.

We are working hard, but a lot of plenary discussions and group work makes rhe experience very interactive and engaging.

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