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Emily from Melbourne sharing my frustration over having published a blogpost prematurely!

For the first time ever it happened to me that a blogpost was published by mistake. I am sorry, but no damage done. I am in Chiang Mai and Internet can be a challenge. I found this coffeeshop where wifi is super fast. So I sat down with a latte and uploaded all the photos, and before I knew it, the post went out without any sensible text. Let me therefore add just a few words as I have myself another coffee đŸ™‚

Amandine from France, staff placement in Geneva at our world headquarter and Change Agent.

Attentive participants early morning during devotions.

Taking notes and digesting a lot of learning.

Isak and the team is doing the daily morning show.

Andrew, Mario and Philip are doing interviews with many of the participants, here Amandine is telling about her experiences as Staff Placement in the Wotld YMCA.

Nam bo-Won, the General Secretary of Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs (APAY) is sharing with us a lecture about the realities in Asia.

During the day a number of words of wisdom are shared with us on the screen.

Meanwhile Buddhist temples are functioning all around us, beautiful buildings, fascinating to visit!

I promised to show you more photos of the tuc-tucs, here another one in operation.

Chiang Mai is really the city of flowers.

Maybe for a T-shirt somewhere?

One of the evenings we paid a visit to a local jazz club – great music!

Jazz played with heart and soul!

Listening to the morning devotion.

Jose and his team were responsible for the devotion.

Team  meeting in the lobby.

Australia leading a workshop on health.

France and Russia,

Denmark and Italy

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