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Above is the warm greetings from Empress Hotel on my lunch plate! Empress Hotel is the main hotel with conference facilities to host the 19th World Council In Chiang Mai. We have two more hotels in very near vicinity to the main hall. (300 and 700 meters), so walking distance everywhere. The three hotels are all first class, 4 stars and very comfortable. The green profile is outstanding wherever we go in this great city, and this definitely includes our hotels!

Here you see the Preparation Committee for the Workd Council, from the left to the right: Bob, USA, Nam, South Korea,  Andrew, Australia, Romulo, Brazil, Vladi, Czech Republic, Johan, Norway, Joumana, Jordan, Rachan, Thailand, Jose, India and Gwénaël, Haiti. 10 countries represented, in addition Michal from Poland and Carlos from Togo are also belonging to the group, which makes it 12 people from 12 countries.

Above a glimpse from the lobby of Empress Hotel.  The hotel is impressive and have a swimming pool and fitness centre, all very appropriate for YMCA people. The conference hall takes 1650 people and we have a lot of break out rooms for groups. The conference hall is just a few years old and the technical equipment is all state of the art.

Detail from the colorful decorations in our hotel.

Detail from the Chinese dinner in the evening, hosted by our friends from Chiang Mai YMCA, two of the female staff to the right.

And to the right here the General Secretary in Chiang Mai YMCA, Rachan Maneekarn. He is able to open all doors in the city, and he has already opened the doors to his heart for us!

The prep committee has been working hard all weekend, and the programme of the 19th World Council is coming together in a great and inspiring way to make the theme be realized: “YOUTH EMPOWERMENT 4 GOOD”. 

Gwénaël Apollon is the NGS from Haiti and representing the National Secretaries. At his side is Nam bo-Won, the new General Secretary for Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs and representing GST. Rachan Maneekarn is the hosting committee leader.

Vladi Vidlakova and Joumana Males are Change Agents from 1st and 2nd cohorts.

The rest of us are staff of the World YMCA (here only Jose in the middle!)

Outside the local YMCA as well on the inside it is a nice weekend atmosphere with lots of young people playing and learning and doing what kids do at their local YMCAs around the globe!

Chiang Mai is an outstanding YMCA with a great green profile

The photo above is in the middle of the old city, taken during my physical excercise this afternoon. The city is beautiful!

The committee relaxing at night as guests of our Thai friends from the Land of Smiles!

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