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It was fabulous! August 22 – 31, 2016 in Chiang Mai – the second Global Gathering of the second cohort of Change Agents. A fellowship of leaders, a think- tank for a great movement, a laboratory for the future, a work shop for Youth Empowerment.  It was joyful, because it was a coming together of friends from 70 countries around the world to create the most globalized event possible!

It was a great experience! Because it was so inspiring and because we all felt how immensely important it was.

Lovely! Romulo and Vladi exchanging a smile after a session.

Prayerfulness! A great fellowship taking guidance, strength and inspiration from our Lord in heaven. 

Great people! Sharing so that no eye was dry any longer, sharing to the depths of our souls. And the sharing stayed among us. We found gold, but this kind of gold is for strengthening the sisterhood and brotherhood.

Intellectually challenging and emotionally fulfilling at the same time. Young people bearing witness about lives being changed, new courses being set, life goals being determined.

Interactive learning. The feedback from the first Global Gathering onboard the Peace Boat was among other priorities among the participants that more of the sessions and lectures should be facilitated and created by the Change Agents themselves.

Therefore we changed the Programme for this gathering and the majority of sessions were done by the Change Agents. We got good stuff!

Fellowship! In the plenaries, in groups, during the home stays and community service projects the fellowship between us was constantly growing.

In this way we are growing together to a unit, a family, a strong group of friends, a fabulous human resource for the YMCA movement in the whole world!

Singing together deepens the fellowship and increases the joy.

We were surrounded by beautiful Thai silk, Thai food, Thai culture and Thai hospitality and smiles!

The Thai dancers gave us solid glimpses of their culture.

Good man! Hard worker, solid coordinator and inspiring leader! We all love Romulo from World YMCA. He is the Change Agent General!

Isak from Iceland has surprised us by being a superb dancer!

Fine music and excellent singing!

So – as we say goodbye to Chiang Mai this time; a glimpse into the future. In this hall the 19th World Council will take place in Chiang Mai July 8-15, 2018.

Use the bridge into the future to plan for your participation at World Council together with at least 500 Change Agents to celebrate the theme: “YOUTH EMPOWERMENT 4 GOOD”!


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