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Early morning departure with bus. But not in the bus in the photo below. Myanmar YMCA has organized a safe and comfortable mini bus. The hospitality here is without limits. The sharing with Tha Sein and Maung Maung Win and their staff is open and warm and full of mutual trust. It is great to deal with good governance and good professional leadership!

On our way to Maubin, around 3 hours north of Yangong on four wheels and  with no wings, only with one Win (Maung Maung! :-). We are going to visit a new and growing local YMCA.

Symbols of a powerful past, from the restaurant where we had dinner yesterday evening.

More of the same, represented by the door keepers at the same establishment 🙂

In the mystical light of the evening dusk, and accompanied by the traditional dancers below, I remember a very special encounter in the National Council last morning.
People are remembering history. I wrote in my first blogpost about the ancient kingdoms of Myanmar. I read about the last king, who was forced by the British to go to India where he perished, and the Myanmar kingdom with him. This happened around 1810. Yesterday I met the great grandson of the last king of Myanmar. He works in the counseling Programme of the YMCA!

We make a first stop where a man made canal connects two main rivers, and the river was unusually busy when we walked up to the canal, built a 100 years ago.

Big ships are sailing up and down the canal.

Small boats are doing family business.

And the traveling YMCA team, wanting to travel far, therefore travel together!

This youthful photo is from the same canal, and it is here just because it became such a good shot, and because it symbolizes the motorbike repair training in Maubin YMCA.

Part of the welcoming committee in Maubin YMCA.

The local General Secretary and me in my new traditional jacket from the Karen  ethnical group.

Jose is handing out School uniforms to young  YMCA members.

In my new jacket I am interviewing a fabulous guy in red glasses and with dark red hair. I really like his style and he turns out to be part of the YMCA hairdressing training!

The workshop for motorbike repair!

The children from the YMCA are singing for us so the roof was dancing above our heads!

This solid road is built by Singapore YMCA and a Service Learning Team from there. The villagers were really grateful for the road, making life much easier during the rainy season.

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