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Last afternoon we arrived in the Capitol and we were splendidly received by the local YMCA in their own YMCA Centre downtown.

They are running a number of diverse programmes, all from kindergarten to health cliniques for elderlies, interfaith activities and religious programmes, environmental and youth training programmes.

The YMCA here was founded in 1990 by the pastor at my side and his wife. This was inspired by Tha Sein, the national YMCA Vice President at the time. He lived in Mandelay and needed to drive down to Yangon once a month for work, and then he stayed the night on his long drive with friends in Nay Pyi Taw. Out of these visits came the inspiration to found the YMCA.

The founder and the inspirator behind the founding. The pastor to the left is the father of the present General Secretary. He also worked for many years for the governmental agricultural research centre. The YMCA owns its own farm, being used for environmental educational programmes and for income generation.

The YMCA health cliniques for the time being checking the health of the National General Secretary 🙂

Interestingly the Capitol used to be a small village when the YMCA was founded. Later on the government – the military regime – decided to create the Capitol here. That is why we drive on great boulevards with up to 20 lanes and no cars on the road and no people along it. It is a little bit the feeling of Judgement day, or maybe the day after Judgement day when all people left for heaven and you find yourself left behind.

Not much traffic during Monday morning rush hour.

A bit of a lonely feeling…..

Not much lonely here! I am celebrating my birthday together with 60 new friends in the Kindergarten with cake and soda and singing and dancing and gifts!

In a few minutes we are driving to the Ministry of Culture and Religion where the Minister will receive us. The YMCA hoped to be received by Aung San Suu Kyi, but she is visiting New York these days.

Our friends in Myanmar have certainly bent over backwards to make us feel welcome and to show us the wonders of their country and of their YMCA.

I am fascinated and enthusiastic. They are building a 4 storey YMCA building in Nay Pyi Taw and they will need all the help possible from YMCA friends from around the globe. 

Thank you dear Myanmar friends for your warm hearted dedication to the service of the YMCA – God bless you and God bless Myanmar!


  1. Once again, I want to thank you for ‘Blue Music Blog’! Your photos & commentary give us a wonderful insight into the work of our YMCA colleagues, around the world!

    We are particularly interested in the history of – and current situation in – Burma; I’m currently reading a fascinating biography of “The Lady”.

    Thank You!! ps. I see you are a fellow ‘Libra’, with your recent birthday celebration! Yours, Eileen Murray


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