Posted by: thebluemusicblog | September 27, 2016


One hour is often too little for a blog post, but with good internet and a sense of humor it should be possible! Below you will see the second official reception at the government buildings yesterday in Nay  Pyi Taw, the capital of Myanmar. This is the Auditor General of the country, a very powerful position, independent and with great oversight responsibility for the government and the whole state administration.

He was the Dean of the Economic Faculty of the University in Yangon and a close friend of the Myanmar YMCA for 60 years. He is running trainingcourses for auditors and board members in the YMCA and is the main auditor of the organization.

Here he is in his chair in his grand office. He has 300 staff under him.

We have a warm and friendly conversation about the political situation of the country, about the State Councellor Aung San Suu Kyi, and he asks me if this is my first visit to Myanmar, which I can confirm. Then he smiles and tells me that on Sunday morning he is traveling for the first time to Oslo, Norway, to sign a MOU with his Norwegian counterpart.

I have a dream of coming to Mandelay, but for now I need to manage with this painting in his office from beautiful Mandelay!

Here again the whole traveling company! (And just now the captain says in French only that the wheel is off and we may need to find a new  aircraft!) We laugh and smile and hope for some water.

Late last evening we came back to our hotel in Yangon after a 6 hours bus travel and I found my hotel bed decorated like this with red roses. Since this is a bit of an informal blog post, I allow a little bit of my private life to surface in all its modesty and innocence 🙂  

Great temptations in the nearby bakery!

And meat enough downtown in the capital. Sometimes we felt that three motorbikes and a car was a traffick jam! With all those cows (or oxen?!!?) traffick became unbearable, but very charming and with a certain bouquet!

A traffick jam is slowly building up. We are the first part of the jam 🙂 (And now our French captain says only in French that we have to wait even longer.) Meanwhile we got  each half a glass of water, which reminds me of something from the Bible. It was not about generosity, but more like…….

If we are lucky, we will reach this country before office hours start tomorrow….

And there you see, Internet was good and we managed a blog post number 6 from Myanmar (and partly from CdG!)

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