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It was a long flight through the night, and I went directly from the plane to the first part of the Programme, visit to the YMCA College. A very interesting day followed, and I am happy to give a brief report on how the day developed. The celebration of the 115 years of Chinese YMCA will take place tomorrow.

It is not possible not to be fascinated by the sky scrapers of Hong Kong!

Here we have reached the college and being welcomed by students and teachers,

as well as of the Principal of the school, LAU Kwok-leung Gyver.

The students were extremely well behaved and showed us around – here at the science room 

where students were implementing a diversity of experiments with seemingly good equipment. Nothing exploded as long as I was there 🙂

Here we visit the visual arts room and admire all the results of the artistic activities of the students.

The cross is very visible on the wall in the visual arts room.

No cross in the gym, but rather a lot of good equipment and eager activities. Here again it is demonstrated that the YMCA is so much of Body, Mind and Spirit, and it brought me straight back to the Vatican and Sports in Service of Humanity!

Waiting for committed activities, but it was too warm for any of us guests today!

On our way back to the bus to go to the YMCA camp in Wu Kwai SHA Youth village we passed this Labour office with information about youth unemployment – a big problem also in Hong Kong.

This photo really brings back good memories for me. This was the venue for the World Council in 2010 where I was appointed to my present job.

Our little group of foreign guests on a tour of Chinese YMCA.

We were presented for a very positive Programme offering vocational training to young teenage drop outs. Look at the results on the slide above! (And look at the name of the cafe – it took some time before I got the point!)

This is the YMCA social worker training the teenagers in making deserts, coffee and other delicatessen in order to make a living for themselves.

Robert here in the foreground is from City YMCA in London, and he is a good companion when we take 5-6 floors in one go!

This is our excellent YMCA guide Nathan – according to himself he is named after the famous shopping street in Hong Kong!

After diner Nathan took us sailing on the ferry boat and enjoying more skyscrapers!

Shopping in Hong Kong is fascinating to observe more than participating actively in……And tomorrow is the day of the celebration, more then!

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