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Peter Chan, Chair of the Youth Committee in APAY and Student Y -leader in Hong Kong and a friend.

“Don’t be afraid of change. Youth and smart phones is the biggest change of last years. Observe the Pokemon games.”

“I want to use the game to illustrate the volunteerism we are growing and motivating in the YMCA. Look at the green guy who wanted to become a Pokémon trainer and what he is willing to do to reach his goals!”

Attentive audience 

“There  are clear similarities between Pokémon goals and modern trends in youth work, like in the YMCA. We use International exchanges to foster new leadership. Our trainees begin as Pokémon characters. Finally they will be empowered to become leaders. They have to catch the different Pokémon figures to solve the problems. The more Pokémons you catch, the more capacity you will grow to create better volunteer leadership.”

“This is learning to overcome challenges. To me Pokémon goals are similar to our goals – we slowly grow into leadership. Young people need to participate, to manage and to learn mastering. Like I have experienced it.”

Another old friend is popping up out of the blue and is a speaker at the symposium on volunteerism. Dr Park claims that true volunteerism is growing out of innovation itself. It comes from creativity. “Contrast and compare the issues in front of youto create new realities.”

“We welcome young people with courage to explore and discover new realities – create change, needed change! The way we do things, is not the only way. We need to open our minds for young peoples’ thinking and courage.”

Sonya Fock – founder of IACTION. “I have worked with crisis management, been a reporter and I am an Air Stewardess. I have a passion for volunteering and our NGO is very small but it is about doing good. I went to Cambodia. I visited an orphanage, a well known one. The encounter with the children there taught me a lesson of the need to to respect the identity and the rights and realities of the vulnerable themselves. In stead of asking about my wishes and needs it is all about asking about the needs of the people we work among.”

Professor LUI Tai-Lok: “I do volunteer work because my friends did it first. Slowly you grow to appreciate this work, even if it does not pay you or give you any physical rewards. But there are so many other rewards!”

All the speakers at the symposium.

In the discussion afterwards it was commented on for example what target groups should be prioritized! The poor or those in imminent danger of falling into the trap of poverty?

The representative from the Government showed the increase in volunteerism in Hong Kong the last years.

It was also underlined from the Government that in our work with youth there is one clear priority: We want to find out what the young people are thinking and needing. 

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