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What an energy and what a constructive atmosphere at this Strategy Delivery Summit in Litomysl! More than 50 leaders are working long days both I n plenary and in work groups and the results are excellent. Smiles and laughter are filling the old halls in the renaissance castle of Litomysl and discussions are echoing from the tall ceilings. Old ghosts are flying away and being replaced by modern, shining visions!

Above you will see the strategy work group, discussing how the new strategic plan for 2018-22 shall look like.

Early morning the new Refugee Secretary Lisa Kalivatsi took us to the Far East and the Midle East in her devotional perspectives on migrants and refugees – beautiful it was! Thanks Lisa!

Romulo read out the famous Youth Empowerment definition as an introduction to the future strategy discussion at the morning plenary.

Ken Montgomery introduced one part of the strategy,

followed by Peter Ferguson,  CEO of Auckland YMCA in New Zealand, who introduced the second part.

Dave Ball of London introduced the last part of the strategy. Dave is local CEO in London as well as chair of WUN, World Urban Network.

James Charnaud, expert consultant representing EMC Real Estate in London, giving an excellent key note speech about the potential of developing YMCA properties around the world.
The above quotation from Winston Churchill says something about the power of architecture. How shall the typical YMCA building look like for the future? Is there a pattern for the whole world of YMCAs?

Good advises from an expert property developer.

james was very convincing in his deliberations.

Below the former President of Starbucks sharing his definition of their company.

Which business is the YMCA in?

James advised us to be realistic, but not to drown in risk aversion, but see the shining potential ahead of us!

Jose is responsible on the World YMCA staff team for Property Development.

Jared Musima, NGS Kenya, being interviewed by Jose Varghese about the YMCA properties in Nairobi and how they can be better developed for the benefit of the local YMCA.

Eraj Wijayasinhe from Sri Lanka talking about five valuable YMCA properties in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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