Posted by: thebluemusicblog | November 3, 2016


Millennial a gave a growing focus on mission and purpose. My investment should yield financial as well as social return.

My employer should commit to social.

2025 they (millennial a) will be 75% of the global workforce

Impact on People.

More and more people feel overwhelmed. Agility, creativity, ambiguity, Mobility, 45% of jobs at risk. High level of burnt out Syndrom.

Search for meaning and purpose.

Living and working under supervision. E.g. Social media,

Impact on Organizations

Stability is an illusion

No loyalty

Pressure on innovation 

Attempts to put meaning into jobs

Impact on society

Fragmentation of a interest groups 

Political Instability

Economic instability  

Each one of us can do more than we believe we can.


  1. Johan: very interesting results, of the mtg. …. I saw a lot of ‘Burnt out Syndrome’ at the Y, hyper talented people ‘burning out’ too soon;

    because they are ‘shining stars’, working/traveling all the time, torn between loyalty to the Y and to family obligations. oh wait, that was me.

    I am sometimes concerned, that you, do not become a patient of ‘burn out syndrome’, your travels and efforts for the Y are beyond extraordinary.

    Thank you for all of your kind words and brave actions, which guide us in our own ‘search for meaning & purpose”. Yours, Eileen


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