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Carsten Sudhoff had a brilliant career with Daimler Benz,worked with some huge corporates before he became the Executive of Human Resources with the World Economic Forum in Geneva. Then he created Circular Society to link different players from NGOs, governments and corporates to create better solutions to wicked problems in society and make a better future for young people. 

The World YMCA became a partner with Carsten in Circular Society, and together with YMCA in Setubal, Portugal, we are working on the European Youth Employment project, eYe. He gave the third key note at the World YMCA Strategy Delivery Summit in Czech Republic today. 

Among other important aspects he underlined that we are in the middle of the Fourth Technical Revolution in the history of Mankind. He told us:

“Millennials gave a growing focus on mission and purpose. When they have money, they say: My investment should yield financial as well as social return. They say: My employer should commit to social.

In 2025 they (millennials) will be 75% of the global workforce.

What are the impacts on People?
More and more people feel overwhelmed. There is an urge for agility and creativity, but there is also increased ambiguity and mobility, 45% of jobs are at risk and we see a high level of burnt out syndrom among the millenials. 

They are in search for meaning and purpose, but living and working under supervision – like all kinds of Social media, etc.

What are the impacts on Organisations?

Stability is an illusion – no customer loyalty, not much loyalty at all.
Pressure for innovation as well as attempts to put meaning into jobs

What are the impacts on society?

Fragmentation of interest groups. Political Instability. Economic instability.

But – there is a big BUT!

Each one of us can do more than we believe we can. Epi-Genetics tells us that we are not only at the mercy of our genes. We belong to one another, there are more things between us than we thought the last hundreds of years.

I can be the catalyst for change, I can move from from Ego systems to Eco systems.

We need to build trust!

Leadership means Inner journeys and Outer journeys. We need to find inner active ways to connect Mission and Business.

After Carsten’s speech we organized a Fish Bowl exercise to discuss perspectives for the future of the world wide YMCA movements.

From the beautiful walk in the basement of Zlutomysl Castle with lots of fantastic sculptures.


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