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Fabulous! COP 22 is held in Marrakech, Morocco and World YMCA organizes Camp Climate for the third time. We host the young people of the world coming to these important environmental meetings under facilitation of UN.

From our Camp Climate roof top. Tonight we have invited young people from the conference  for a roof top party.

Romulo has found this hostel and rented it for Camp Climate 2016. Now it is full of young people from many different organizations around the world. A fabulous fellowship. Ourselves we are camping with senior leaders from World Lutheran Fellowship, Scouts and leaders of environmental initiatives. Today I met with Ahmat, the Representative for Youth from the UN Secretary General and representatives from the Government in Morocco. And I met the two engaged guys from Brazil below – representing organizations outside the YMCA, but coming to the roof top climate party in our hostel tonight.

We talked about the US Presidential election – no minutes from that – and we talked about the political situatio in Brazil and especially the situation for young people. Fascinating and informative for me. I asked them how the collaboration between young people are functioning inside the COP meetings?

They answered that it has become much more empathy between young people from different corners of the world, but it has not been easy. “We come from a reality where indigenous people are fighting for basic rights, where public health systems are working in unfair ways, where a few people have a lot and many people have little. Then we meet young people with lots of privileges, living in realities very different from ours. And we have had few opportunities to be exposed to one another’s’ realities and to understand how different we are.”

Another angle to our roof top venue, minutes before it fills up with guests from around the globe.


  1. Beautiful photos, of this wonderful place. Exciting to see this collaboration – thanks as always for your dedicated work with the World YMCA!

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