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Once a week there is an excursion organized at Camp Climate in order to help the participants to see more of the country and culture of MOROCO.

Today we drove to the mountains and climbed a steep mountain to see a waterfall.

Later in the evening the team of young leaders with accreditation to the blue zone where the negotiations take place, met for dinner with me and shared with me their learning  outcomes and progress at COP 22. We were 20 people around the table, impressive, bright young activists from the World YMCA. I was really proud to be one of them around the table!

Kristian is from Serbia and reasonably new to the YMCA the last few years. He tells me that he more or less stumbled into the Resource Group for Environment (RGE) last year in COP 21 in Paris, and that he has learnt to stretch himself and to grow with large challenges during this work with COP. 

Kristian from Serbia

Kristian tells me: “Many people say it, and I mean it: YMCA has changed my life!” Oscar is from Peru, and is one of two coordinators of the group, the other one is Anita from Switzerland. 

From left Emma, Sweden, Andrea, Sweden, Anita, Switzerland and Oscar, Peru

Oscar has managed to get accreditation to the blue zone from his government and therefore made it possible for one more YMCA leader to enter the blue zone this year. We have accreditation to the blue zone, where the actual negotiations take place, for twenty people. This is more than most other NGOs here, and we are proud of this fact. Anita had her first COP experience in Paris last year, and she was also in Bonn preparing for COP 22. She tells us that she has learnt a lot.  

Anita, Sweden, one of two coordinators

Andrea, Sweden, shares with us how she has got hope and inspiration from this work. Emma is also from Sweden: “Young people are playing important roles in the blue zone, also for national delegations. It is giving me tons of inspiration to be a young leader inside COP 22, and to experience that the voice of young people is listened to!”

Denh from Viet Nam and Tim from Switzerland 

Tim, Switzerland, has always been in the YMCA, but recently heard about RGE, and went also to innovation camp this year in Switzerland.  I have to sincerely apologize to Oko from Mongolia and Denh from Viet Nam for writing their names in a confused manner. I will try to rectify that in the near future! Their stories are how often they get only  2 hours sleep and then onwards to a new day, making young people visible. 

Synnøve from Norway to the left of the lunch table

Kaja is from Norway, and she is organizing climate change work as advocacy work for the World YMCA. Camp Climate is a hub for youth at COP. “We can still make this event stronger and better!” Synnøve, Norway is responsible for the video blog, and she is also  learning a lot while videotaping the COP meeting. Ricardo, Mexico, feel confident because of the team. Want to make it stronger. I met Ricardo first time at the European YMCA festival in Prague back in 2008.

Jonas, Switzerland, was also always in the YMCA, organized the opening COP session of NGOs, offering good examples from NGOs and the YMCA. Kassandra and Mario and Romulo are the staff team making all the wheels go around at Camp Climate.

Two young ladies from the Lutheran World Federation living in Camp Climate. They are from Mauritania, Mari Sall, and Madagascar, Mari Bruna Aro Sandaniaina, and we had a great day together at COP 22 yesterday! Mari is a Muslim working for the Lutheran Church, an interesting example of inter faith reality in Africa.
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