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Today you will see a real photo blog from the green zone in COP 22 with as many photographic snapshots as I can push into an hour of slow download. 

The stand of World YMCA turned into contextual theater. It seems that the famous GIANT has finally woken up and is in full action! Go GIANT!!

Green Cross with a number of impressive posters.

Here another one. It is fascinating to walk around in the Civil Society Area and watch how different groups try to express their opinions and share them with the rest of the world. 

Here a demonstration to defend the environmental rights of indigenous peoples around the world.

More of the same. This demonstration got a lot of positive attention.

I enjoyed to see numerous initiatives from local groups in Morocco. COP 22 has a distinct non-European flair to it, which I like very much.

I had an interesting conversation with this Moroccan leader of a women’s network representing quite a number of countries, but non of them European. It is a world out there!

I fully endorse this slogan! The World YMCA strategies are read in wide circles!

Back to Green Cross with honor to our friends in the Scouts movement! (Wish it were us!)


Interfaith initiatives without the YMCA (as far as I know).

Mario Change Agent was my guide in the Green Zone.
Listen to the voice of young people!

Impressive modern art exhibited in the Green Zone!

A distinct Arab and Muslim context and framework in Morocco. A great example of cultures in collaboration and not in clash. Love it.
I also observe a strong element of female presence, outspoken female participation and strong voices. Great!

Workshops and demonstrations harvested very different attention and audiences. Here a successful one.

And here a less popular one by UNESCO.

More contemporary art to express much of the same message related to climate change.

Not easy to change direction when your ship is planted in deep sand…..

Outside COP 22 life on a Friday continues as always in Marrakech.

Colorful locals….

What does the future has in store for me?


  1. Hi Johan Wilhelm I’ immensely enjoyed your pictures and comments from Marrakech.
    But back to Geneva.
    I briefly met Nicolai? the young Russian intern from Moscow, invited him to the Genevy Y for a meal after his Xmas break home..

    2. Question Could the WAYMCA display it s material onf Marrakesch in the hall of our local YMCA; Jan Feb 2017, I could translate texts in French??
    greetings from freezing Geneva

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