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On our way to an official meeting we came across this beautiful, impressive piece of art. As the meeting at the embassy will soon be forgotten, as many of such meetings only deserve a silent funeral and disappearance, this fantastic piece of raw grafitti on a wall along the river in Antananarivo deserves to be seen, to be loved and to be remembered for ever. It made my day.

A face of a child and a face of a Malagasy man. A face of an Arab man and the face of an Asian lady. Almost coming together, on their way to melt together, on their way to become one face.

The face of a man and the face of a woman. Coming together, melting into one face, growing into unity.

The Malagasy word MITOVY. Meaning “the same” – “equal” – “identical”.

A child with wide open eyes looking into the future. What kind of future is out there? Is there any fairness and justice? Am I given any future perspectives, any hope, any opportunities? At the side of the child in black letters the Malagasy word ZO – meaning “law” – “justice”. And EGALIX which is Malagasy slang for “equality”.

On the upper side of the wall barbed wire, on the lower side the river is eating from the soil.

The goddess of justice with the scale and blinded eyes. The symbol of fairness and justice and a safe space for a vulnerable child.

This part of it is just beautiful. Free circulation. Freedom and justice and equality. Perspectives for the future and hope.

Circulation. Leading to a prosperous and free life for all.

The wheels interacting with one another. We are all interrelated. We are all the same. We are of equal value and have equal rights, the same claim for a fair and just future.

Behind that wall were the embassies, the offices of The African Union, the official residences and offices.

On this side of the wall poverty and the informal economy of a population struggling to survive. In the middle the grafitty of hope and justice and equality. Put there by a young person with a vision. Madagascar FANTASTICO.


  1. These are Fantastic! I love how ‘street art’ expresses culture, around the world. This is an interesting complement to the beautiful vintage “Madagascar’ travel posters, depicted in your previous post.

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