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On our way from Dominican Republic to Haiti we were traveling in a bus. It was estimated to take 6 hours. It took 13. On the border between the two countries it was quite colorful and a big taxfree market was operating with great participation from both sides of the border. All the trading and business were stressful and after some hours this local businessman took a well deserved break.
The border control was unorthodox, but after a while we were through and we made progress on our long way together towards Port-au-Prince in Haiti.

In Haiti the rainy season was having its strong consequences, flood in the main streets and it felt more like driving through a major river!

This was a more colorful of our neighbors on the street on the way towards Haiti.

Marco from the Mexican UN Campaign for the Sustainable Development Goals opened the LACA regional meeting with a presentation of the 17 SDGs and challenged us to engage with the goals. This was also the theme for the LACA meeting.

The second day of the meeting we divided ourselves in smaller groups and we explored Haiti and its culture and YMCAs.

Our group went to the National Museum and learnt about the French colonization and the fight for freedom, even fight against Napoleon and his army of 40000 soldiers. A history of suffering and pain, but also a history of pride and heroism!

Dorly, change agent from Haiti, is leading the presentation of the local YMCA youth leadership development programme under the headline of Youth Empowerment. We also learnt about a growing emigration from Haiti following the earthquake of January 12, 2010. Sad stories of humiliating discrimination and suffering for people looking for a better future.

The local chef and staff of a restaurant serving us exotic gourmet food and explaining to us what the different Haitian dishes contained and how they were prepared.

Engaged inputs from National and local YMCAs.

Our elegant host,  Haitian NGS, Gwenael Apollon and Antonio Merino, the LACA General Secretary.

This used to be a local gas station and four months ago was renovated into this very atmospheric restaurant.

These are four wonderful ladies from YMCA São Paulo under leadership of Marisia , the local CEO.

Here a coffee break meeting with NGS Oscar from Chile, located in Valparaiso, and Juan, CEO Santiago YMCA.

Greg, CEO Cayman Island YMCA, reporting from the Caribbean subregion.

Alveiro, NGS from Colombia, reporting from one of the sub regions of LACA.

The Executive Committee of LACA meeting on the last day of the assembly.

Antonio and President of LACA, Minoru.

We are still in the rainy season and the main streets look still more like a fishing opportunity!


  1. So happy that you came in Haiti for the LACA annual conference

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