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Michael Möller and Roland Schatz

Today was a unique day. The Big6, the largest youth NGOs in the world, including the World YMCA, met at the UN headquarter with Michael Möller, Director General of the UN, with David Nabarro, the former Mr SDG, the special advisor to the Gen Secr on the SDGs, Martin Chungong, the Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, all the Big6 and under leadership of our wonderful friend, the Chief Advisor to the UN leader, Roland Schatz.

David Nabarro

Mr SDG, David Nabarro, said in his speech to us: “We have no plan B. We have no planet B!”

I am quite exhausted after a long, intense day, but I just wanted to share with you a few photos from today.

Martin Chungong and Roland

The meeting was about partnership in engagement for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and we have powerful friends in the above mentioned dignitaries. Doors are being opened, new networks are being built and the YMCA is walking through open doors into great new opportunities. Now it will be important that we all are willing to come together and take up these new challenges.

The whole meeting

We started out from Hong Kong in 2010 in search for more visibility and more impact on behalf of empowered young people. Today was in so many ways a confirmation that we are reaching goals and becoming visible.

Debrief after the meeting in the YMCA office

The Sleeping Giant is awake!

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