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Rev. Johan Vilhelm Eltvik  

Since 1st of January 2011 I am the Secretary General of the World Alliance of YMCAs, the largest and oldest youth movement in the world.   I was born, as most people are, and for me this took place in Norway  in 1953. Being born is an underestimated challenge, tough, but later I have really learnt to “Love 2 Live”. I am  married to Ingunn and we have two daughters, one son-in-law and three grandchildren. They keep me young and happy.

This summer of 2011 it is 25 years since I started to work as a professional for the YMCA. I have worked in Germany, in Norway and since 1991 I worked for for YMCA Europe, the last 11 years as General Secretary (CEO).

I am passionate about communication and I love to write.

Website :     World Alliance of YMCAs
Facebook : Facebook page
Twitter:       Twitter page
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  1. Dear Johan,
    I was there in Hong Kong when you were elected. I have been admiring the changes you have been making to keep this “Oldest Youth Movement” YOUNG. Great Job.It’s a constant struggle to avoid falling into a rut and to rediscover oneself and remain relevant to the young.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your BLUE MUSIC blog and the programmes such as the YOUTH INSTITUTE are an inspiration.
    P.S. My sons name is Yohann!!!

    • Thank you, Melvin, and warmest greetings to Yohann!!

  2. Cher Johan,
    Nous avons fait connaisance lors de ton arrivée à Genève fin 201o.
    Es-tu, avec ton épouse, toujours intéressé par le Club de Conversation français UCJG que je t’avais proposé.
    Début septembre 2011.
    J’ai déjà deux autres participants

    Johan^, we met shortly after you arrival in Geneva last year.
    I’ Primo Bursik ofGeneva YMCA
    Are you still interested in a YMCA French conversation club, with your wife?
    Start in Sept. 2011
    I already have 2 other participants.



  3. Johan,
    Thank you for your inspiration and God’s gift – a Blue Bus. It was a beautiful Journey in Kosovo.
    I look forward to see you in San Francisco soon.


    • Murat – it is so good to hear from you again. I remember very well my visit to your house and the fascinating travel through Kosovo. See you in San Francisco!

  4. Hi Johan,

    I wondered if you would enjoy my song called ‘The Blue Music’, you can find it here:


    I am not involved with the YMCA (I found your page on a Google search) but any group that works to bring hope and encouragement to others is okay by me!

    All the best, I hope you like the song.

    Kind regards,

    John Mackenzie, London, UK

    • Hi, John, Almost the same name, the same title – thanks a lot for sharing your impressive music with me – the Blue Music – I love it. It is a beautiful bridge connecting us – the Blue Music. All the best from this side of the bridge! Johan

  5. Welcome. Looking for information about Mr. Andrew Krasicki who was until 1962 the secretary of the World Alliance of YMCAs, he worked at the YMCA since 1921. He organized the YMCA in Poland, along with Paul Super. He was one of the founders of Secours Spéciaux. It may have been preserved in the archives of the YMCA some information about Andrew Krasicki. Please help in this matter and contact. My address wnuk.karol @ poczta.onet.pl

    kind regards

    Karol Wnuk, Warsaw, Poland

    • hello. If you do not have information about Krasicki, please indicate the place where I can find them. Is there an archive IMCA? please reply.

      kind regards

      Karol Wnuk,Warsaw, Poland

  6. Dear Johann,
    thank you for including me in your blog posting. I look forward to reading the good works that the YMCA is involved with around the world. John was always so proud of the Y’s commitment to youth &helping to make a better world.

  7. Dear Johan:
    My name is Gustavo Marón and I am an Aviation Historian from Argentina. Y read the information you publish in the blog, about your meeting with Valentin Kulyapin, the pilot who shot down by ramming an Argentinian civil aircraft over the Soviet Republic of Armenia in 1981. I am interested in to stablish contact with him, in order to obtain historic information about the episode. Could you contact Dr. Misha Guskov in my name, to obtain the adress of Mr. Kulyapin?
    Sincerely yours,
    Dr. Gustavo Marón

  8. Dear Johan,

    My name is Andi O.S. I’m from Indonesia, currently I’m a General Secretary of Gereja Kristen Muria Indonesia (GKMI) or Indonesia Muria Christian Church, which is one of the Mennonite Congregation in Indonesia. We are looking forward to hear more from what YMCA is doing in Asia, especially in Indonesia. I would love to be a part of this movement. Is there any contact person here in Indonesia that I can meet or hear more about YMCA, or any other contact in Asia or South East Asia? Thank you from sharing your blog, and I just watched some of the videos, very inspiring! Blessings!

  9. Hi Johan,

    i read that you have a friend, named Michal Szymanczak. I hope this is the man, who was my guest many years ago when there as congress in criminology at Hamburg. He was from Institute of youth problems research. I would like to find him. If he is the same person you called your friend, would yu be so nice to tell him that i would like to meet him again?
    Thank your very much.


    Dr. Harry Kalinowsky

  10. Hi Johan, Is nice to find this space, could be amazing if every leader start a blog to synergize work!! I’m sure we can do more with better communications but I’m not sure how to start. I need some of your experience. I have this 3 domains: I want to start a Wiki in YMCA.Global, a social network in the ymca.social and a rss news feed with all the YMCAs feeds in YMCA.news. I know all the technical isues but could be amazing if you can give me some support and counsel

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